Backblast – Northern Aggression – 1/23/19

15 PAX posted at Harmon Park for a mid-week calorie burn session.  The PAX included Gilmore, Man Hands, Slice N Dice, Flounder, Water Wings, Boone’s Farm, Sprinkler, Mulligan, Elaine, Sludge, Spicoli, Special Ed, Flipper (FNG – Joel Zelaya), Dr. Evil, Deliverance (Q).

Warmarama:  SSH’s – 20IC, Dean Vigodas – 10IC, Imperial Squat Walkers – 10IC, Sun Gods (sobriety style) – 10IC each way, Seam Rippers – 15IC.

Mosey to the Chapel steps at Main St. UMC to begin the THANG.  Pair up for Round 1. Partner 1 – 20 Erkins on steps, Lunge around side of chapel to bottom of ramp, Bear Crawl up ramp, come down steps with a Squat on each step.  Relieve Partner 2 who was waiting while doing alternating sets of 10 Lt. Dans and 10 LBC’s.  Repeat to complete 2 rounds.

Round 2 – Partner 1 – 20 Derkins on the steps, go up the steps with a Squat on each step (some chose to do this backwards to make it more dangerous), Crab Walk down the ramp, Lunge back around to front of steps.  Relieve Partner 2 who was waiting while doing alternating sets of 10 Bobby Hurley’s and 10 Low Slow Flutters.  Repeat to complete 2 rounds.

Mosey back to Harmon Park for Mary:  LBC’s – 10IC, Cindy Crawfords – 20IC each side (apparently too many for some), Hammers – 15IC.

Announcements:  Pull-up bars are in and will be installed at Fourth of July Park as soon as the concrete can be poured (request for lights was also made).

SludgeFest this Saturday at 6:30 p.m.  See 2nd F on Slack for address.  Money ($16 each person) will be collected at the door.  Bring gloves and/or toboggan (hat) to give to the homeless.

FNG Joel Zelaya.  From Miami, likes Miami Dolphins, he likes to draw (artist).  I heard Shula, Flipper, Ace Ventura, Mangos, the dolphin in Ace Venture that nobody knew the name (Snowflake later revealed by Special Ed), Echo, Bob Ross.  We went with Flipper.

Man Hands led us out.

Always an honor – Deliverance