Backblast – Pain in the park – “Return of the DJ” – Saturday 1/19/19

a Crawdaddy production

Pax: Lucky Charms, Duvet, Trampstamp, Chipper, Shearcon, Rick Browning (FNG) “Fud”, Gilmore, Foretran, Sludge, Epstein, Waterwings, Pacer, Sprinkler, Checkbook, Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

15 “more brawn than brains” pax gathered to see what the fading gloom had in store. Fresh off an Evil Q high rep beatdown it was time for a slow dance/ couples skate to calm things down a bit. Great to see the magnifcient return of Trampstamp.. With a greeting to the 1 FNG and a botched disclaimer, we were off.


Quick mosey lap around the park lead to Conv- Center for warmorama.

10-15 per Side Straddle Hops – Don Qxiotes – Imperial Walkers, Hurdler stretch, Hillbillies, Chinooks and Frankensteins. – All done flawlessly as described with no issues or comments from the peanut gallery.

The Thang – Cue the music


theme of 5,10,15…

Start at top of the hill (where we currently were) do excersise, run down to bottom of hill, back up around telephone pole, then next exercise..

5 Burpees – lap, 10 Split Jacks, 15 Caputchian monkey humpers. On cue – the misinterpretation and bitching began in earnest prior to the first shot.. so QIC took that as everything was running on all cylinders. Sprinkler added verbal commentary which was met in the dark with international sign language. Ironically Lucky Charm who has mild dementia was one of the few to complete the route correctly.


Mosey to the track

5 pull ups, lap, 10 Thigh masters each leg, lap, 15 Erkins. Mumble chatter was mild and breezy. Sludge led the charge of step ups waiting on the 6 to the heavy beat of Freddie and Brian May..

Another One Bites the Dust

6 in we slowzied up to the “sonsa’ benches”…

5 jump ups, “powder puff” lap, 10 derkins, lap, 15 Big Boy sittups.. With Duvet commenting that they neither looked good on paper or in reality. Amen brother..

Moth to the Flame

Mosey to flagpole for another round of fun.

5 4corners, lap, 10 Merkins, lap, 15 LBCS lap.

Black Holed Sun

Another solid station except for Chipper (who want stop talking) and Gilmore setting up shop right in the door of the entrance every round. pffft. some people.

Paralell Universe

Mosey to Port-0-coture:

5 O’tange squats, lap up the stairs to touch the glass, 10 low slow flutters, 15 shoulder taps – all in cadence.. you people are only cheating yourselves, said Epstein in the “judgement full zone”.


With Planking showing 6 was in, slowzie to BBcourt. Pacer and Lucky pulling non coordinated jailbreaks.

Modification called to 5,5,5… 5 burpees run suicide, and again, and again.. crowd really enjoyed this.. solid efforts all around. Shearcon even winked at me.. was a little unnerving… Waterwings said he had my back, so we carried on.

Distant Early Warnings

time dictated an end to the sheninanigans… and the power was cut to the turn tables..


10 Cindy Crawfords each side, 20 American Hammers, with one extra per Foretran’s request…

Angry crowd welcomed Rick Browning into the circle of trust. Rick is Shearcon’s neighbor. Lives in Wallburg, from WV, likes to hunt – thus an easy name of Elmer Fud – shortn’ed to just Fud..

Prayer concerns – Pacer’s neighbor LLoyd. April and Alexis.

Sludgefest next weekend.

Gilmore led us out.

Always a pleasure Gents – Crawaddy out..