I’m as Good Once as I Ever Was

Fourteen PAX, none of which noticed the number after my hospital name had changed after RW&B (thanks Dean!) gathered in the gloom for a birthday celebration on not my birthday. The workout was hopefully better than the backblast 🙁

The PAX: Radar, Tarde, Kay, Flounder, Deliverance, Wolverine, Sprinkler, Blue Hen, Boones Farm, Wham-O, Elaine, Water Wings, Gilmore, Epstein

The beatdown was as follows:

warm-o-rama behind the bank: SSH x 41 IC + orangutan squats x 21 IC + capuchin humpers x 20 IC + dean vigotas x 10 IC + sun gods x 21 IC (unwind x 20 IC) + 4 burpees OYO

we all then moseyed to the bank across from Dr. Evil’s wall of punishment where a litterbug had apparently left an unopened deck of cards with instructions

PAX each took turns flipping and counting until time was called. We mostly enjoyed the SiriusXM Hair Nation tunes minus the one unknown ballad not even Blue Hen could name. We then moseyed back to Harmon Park for half a song of Thuderstruck (then the speaker died). Everybody continued to do burpees on the Q’s call until the song ended.

Mary included: low dolly x 41 IC + crunchy frogs x 15 IC + supermans + American hammers x 15 IC

Announcements: Sprinkler’s mother-in-law Julia – prayers for comfort and healing during chemo and radiation. Man Hand’s return to the gloom

It’s always an honor and a privilege to be part of this group of HIM’s!