Backblast – Poison Ivey

9 pax gathered under the starlit sky this morning: Shear Conn (Q), Kryptonite, Crawdaddy, Dean, Duvet, Bambi, Crankbait, Lucky Charms & Chipper.

Dean filled the frosty air with a smell of sweetness after dumping a vanilla hazelnut double mocha latte with extra caramel on his lap on the way to F3. Fortunately with his lawyer’s help, he has been awarded a lifetime of coffee for his pain and suffering. (Chosen over a million dollar settlement.)

Following the scent trail, we did an Indian run long ways from the road to the parking lot, where warm-up included 20 SSHs, 15 cotton pickers & 15 Frankenimperialwalkersteins.

We then headed to the top of the hill. (As Crawdaddy noted: “Nothing good ever happens on the hill”) – for 11s. WWIIs at the top and Prisoner Get-ups at the bottom.

Next circled up in the parking lot for Thunderstruck. One mercan for every “Thunder” with a 30 second interlude in the middle of the song for LBCs. (Song length = 5 minutes)

Next: two trips around the triangular square of islands in the parking lot. Each trip consisted of Run one side, Lunge one side, run one side, bear crawl one side.

Still time for more: Fast mozy around entire parking lot on 3 sides with a jail break run on the fourth side. Puke, rinse and repeat.

Mary: 25 Am hammers, 10 low slow flutters

Announcements: Crankbait collecting clothes for the homeless

Prayer concerns: Shear Conn’s parents (aging thing), Toto, and Mulligan’s family.

Crankbait led us out.

Always an honor.