Backblast: Poison Ivy – “Give me half a minute” – Part Duex 1.9.19

PAX: Bambi, Crawdaddy, ShearConn, Duvet, Dean, Dr. Tardy, Lucky Charms, Serta, Crankbait, Chipper (Q)

Eleven grizzled F3 veterans gathered just outside the restricted area of Ivy Redmon Sports Complex ready for whatever the day had to throw at them. No disclaimer necessary, so we crashed the gate for a short mosey to the lower parking lot for


  • SSH x 20
  • Chinooks x 15
  • Sun Gods (Sobriety Style) 15 x 2
  • Abe Vigodas x 15
  • Seam Splitter x 10

After a refreshing Indian Run and jail break to the concession building the pax was ready for The Thang

Pax divided up to start at one of 5 pain stations.  At each station PAX would attempt to execute a designated number of reps before hearing a bell that would ring every 30 seconds.  If you completed the assigned number of reps before hearing the bell – repeat the exercise.  Keep repeating the exercise until you are unable to complete the required reps before hearing the bell, or until you “beat the bell” 3 times.  Once you are unable to beat the bell, move to the next pain station.  5 total pain stations = 1 circuit.  Pain stations were as follows….

  • Burpees: 8 reps 1st circuit, 6 reps 2nd circuit, 5 reps 3rd+
  • WWII Sit-Ups: 12 reps 1st circuit, 10 reps 2nd +
  • Hand Release Merkins: 15 reps 1st, 12 reps 2nd, 10 reps 3rd +
  • Bobby Hurley: 18 reps 1st circuit, 15 reps 2nd circuit, 12 reps 3rd +
  • Long Sprint: Out and back about 1/2 way across the lot

Not unexpectedly, total chaos ensued as the wind had blown pain station instructions around the lot. This left some wandering around looking for instructions, while others were making very short “long sprints” as YHC had failed to point out the proper route through the gloom. No worries however, your intrepid Q was able to restore order almost immediately.

please disperse

Once the pax settled into the beatdown there seemed to be some confusion/resentment/disdain toward the not so smart speaker that looked a little like Alexa, but only seemed to be able to ring a bell every 30 seconds.  

dumb speaker

The pax had several questions for the speaker, one at a little after 6 am asked it to name a town in Nebraska. The speaker remained silent, so the answer was…

The pax finished strong and circled up for Mary..

  • Low Slow Flutters x 15
  • Marge & Homer
  • Superman
  • American Hammers x 21

Praises – Crankbait’s co-worker negotiated with Kohl’s to buy 150 clothing items for the homeless for $100. The cashier and the people in line around her were all inspired and all chipped in $80 of the $100. – Your actions will affect others.

Prayer Concerns – unspoken

ShearConn led us out.

It was an honor to Q .

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