Backblast – Red, White and Boom – Cirque de-suck. Monday 1/7/19

Pax: Pacer, Gilmore, K, Deliverance, Flounder, Wolverine (FNG), Mulligan, Blue Hen, Waterwings, Whamo, Epstein, Dr, Evil, Bambi, Foretran, Chipper, Checkbook, Redhot, Elaine, Duvet, Jordache, Shearcon, Dean, Serta, Boones Farm, Crankbait, Sludge, Crawdaddy

27 lost and confused men gathered under perfect skies to embrace the gloom. Balmy breezes made for a pleasant social hour before commencing operations.


Led by Flounder – Abe vigotas, Cotton Pickers, Mtn. Climbers, maybe something else?

FOS group then departed leaving RW&B to engage in another rousing episode of Crème-Puff Q course.


Course layed out as follows: 1st across the line to call out times for rest of pax.

Course was mosey’d once to refresh everyone. Fortran complaining and saying “we’ll never remember this” reassured the QIC that all was on schedule.

Round 1 brought fun with burpees, until @ the 5th one. Bearcrawls just reinforced the suck.. from there it was truly all downhill. Dean called fowl on folks not going all the way to the flagpole for Monkeyhumpers (his right as the inventor of the course).. all in all a solid round.

Round 2 was embraced with a sense of reality, but several folks also hell bent on dropping time. Some chose to accomplish this by dropping reps or modifying, the the crown goes to Boone’s Farm who shaved off over 1.5 minutes by skipping the Derkins all together.. Well played Sir. Only to then recall them and circle back around.

K dropped a full minute between rounds. That prompted a call from the Army Corps of engineers who thought that a river was cresting due to all the sandbagging..

With all pax accounted for we rejoined FOS at the soccer courts.


Homer and Marge, Low slow flutters, Crunchy Frogs and American hammers.

Welcomed FNG Lance Irwin. Clearly not coached by Mulligan, he essentially named himself. Welcome Wolverine (and don’t complain, we named a guy Icehole once)…

Signup for Sludgefest- cutoff is Saturday. Keep Toto in your prayers.

Crankbait led us out.

Another Crawdaddy Production in the vault – always a pleasure gents.