Red White and Boom, Monkeys and a Football

29 Pax joined in the fun this morning, with the Pax list being completed by Kay and a group of scribes.  It should be available later today.

After a fine disclaimer by Kay, who was, by the way, wearing a “weight” vest.  It is approximately the weight differential most of us have before and after visiting a Brazilian Steak House…

Voice of encouragement witnessed:  Kay, are you one of the weights for Feats of Strength?


  • SSH’s, 25IC
  • Don Quixotes, 15 IC  (please note, the under twenty crowd never complains about the speed of these…)
  • Sun Gods, Sobriety Style, Only 20 forward with 20 reverse, contrary to Dean’s prognostication that there would be 17 minutes of SG’s…
  • Chinooks, 20 IC, reverso, truly just punitive for previously mentioned comment
  • Cotton pickers, 15 IC

The Big Split–Feats of Strength Pax to the shelter and RW&B Pax to the track with a bunch of footballs.

YHC completely apologies for the mess of the count.  Hopefully this will be a great example of ‘what not to do’….

At the track, gather ~3 per football, for the Thang.


  • Pax 1, 21 merkins with one hand on the football (swap hands on each round)
  • Pax 2, 21 monkey humpers
  • Pax 3, 21 LBC’s

Upon completion of the 21, hand the football to the next Pax, and run 1/4 of the track.  Each Pax member completed 21 merkins, then the count was reduced to 20 for the next round.

Tclaps to the Pax–virtually no questions arose, and everyone ‘got it’ the first round.  Well done.  But, if that were the case, and some teams finished, why didn’t anyone pass the team with YHC??

The totals, based on where your team ended, are shown below.  Of course, if you were in a team of 4, you might have completed substantially more Monkey Humpers or LBC’s….

Round Total
21 21
20 41
19 60
18 78
17 95
16 111
15 126
14 140
13 153
12 165
11 176
10 186
9 195
8 203
7 210
6 216
5 221
4 225
3 228
2 230
1 231

Omaha was called at ~6:05 for the mosey to the bb court to meet up with the Feats of Strength pax.

Nice job by all, I hope you got enough.

Always an honor,

Dr. Evil