Feats of Strength – Inflatable vest

Bambi, Checkbook, Red hot, Dean, Crankbait, Wamm-o, Water Wings, Man Hands, Kizen, Deliverance, Tarde, Radar, Boone Farm, Serta, Sludge, Duvet, Gilmore, Chipper, Epstein, Jitterbug, Thumper, Thin Mint, Dr. Evil, Florida, Crawdaddy, Duvet, Gilmore, Blue Hen, Mulligan, Kay

I think I got everyone!  I only had to listen to the recording 20 times.

Warm-a-rama – See Dr. Evil’s Backblast

The Thang

Tabata with 2 exercises alternating between each exercise each round
50 seconds on with 15 seconds rest between cycles repeat for 6 cycles

  • Curls and squats
  • Overhead Press and Step ups
  • Flys and Thighmaster
  • Rows and Bulgarian Split Squats

Nice work Mulligan, Man Hands and Blue Hen fro rocking the 15 lbs weights.


I honestly was making it up on the fly until the RW&B group showed up so I don’t remember the numbers but it involved the following:

  • LBCs
  • Freddy Mercuries
  • Homer and Marge
  • Crab Cakes
  • Pretzel Crunch
  • American Hammers

Prayer Requests and Announcements

Sorry for the lost recording but many are battling cancer and prayers are needed all around.   Holiday party will be January 26th.  Sign up on the Q sheet to let us know you are coming.  M are welcome.

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