Back Blast – HE’S NOT MY Q!

A much warmer climate encouraged many of K’Ville’s finest for an invigorating edition of Flashbang Friday.  The 30 PAX in attendance included the following…

water wings, gilmore, red hot, sprinkler, deliverance, far side, flounder, chipper, shear conn, wham-o, boons farm, pacer, dr. tarde, dean, checkbook, fortran, man hands, bambi, duvet, crawdaddy, blue hen, crankbait, florida, serta, dr. evil, sludge, thin mint, special ed, tenderfoot, epstein

YHC wasted no time getting the contingent active after a somewhat brief shout out to the group for the life enrichment that is regularly bestowed upon him… this was met by a barrage of hems and haws for some reason.  The group had already committed to a mutiny from within the ranks early on.

We moseyed to the Bodenhamer St parking lot around the park for warm-o-rama

Hillbillies x 20 IC, plank jacks x 20 IC, Don Quiotes x 20 IC, Imperial Squat Walkers x 15 IC, 20 WW2 sit-ups OYO

We then grabbed our winkies and moseyed to the tennis courts where we paired up with a partner consisting of one of the two PAX to you. Clear instructions were given for one partner to do LBC’s while the partner ran three complete suicides to each of the doubles foul lines across the two courts.  Suicides would continue while each partner took turns with bicycle crunches, then backward runs to the end of the far court while the other PAX did flutter kicks… easy right?


Epstein doing reps alone

There were some surprised sounds coming from someplace in the gloom when YHC called Omaha, but unphased and motivated to further sharpen my brothers, we moseyed to the track behind the school.  Roughly half of our group took off on a single lap while the rest enjoyed pull-ups to failure – then ran a lap.  The next round consisted of side-plank push-ups to failure on each side and another lap .We finalized our track fun with another round of pull-ups to failure (notably less than the first round) and planks / Al Gore for the six.

We then moseyed to the bus lot where lights still exist for mary

Low dolly x 20 IC, Cindy Crawford’s x 15 IC (each side), back planks for about 90 seconds (good conversation was enjoyed by all), and lastly American hammers x 30 IC (Epstein style)


Announcements/prayer requests:

Please sign up to Q a day!  Ask a more experienced PAX member to co-Q if you haven’t done it before, Mulligan and Wham-O running half marathons this weekend,

Far side’s sister for high blood pressure with a doctor’s appointment Monday, crankbait’s son Ryan and his health, Barbara’s chemo last Wednesday went well – continued prayers for her.

It is always an honor and privilege to be part of this group of HIM’s!

Go Hokies!


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