Back Blast Poison Ivey – 11/28

11 brave PAX braved the cold to partake in a poker themed circuit (Shear Conn, Serta, Lucky Charms, Crankbait, Kryptonite, Crawdaddy, Mulligan, Thin Mint, Kaizen, Tenderfoot and Q


Side Straddle Hops

Abe Vigoda

Cotton Pickers

Goof Balls

‘The Thang’

PAX divided into two teams with Bambi’s creativity on full display – ‘Team Wood’ (Shear Conn, Crawdaddy, Thin Mint, Tenderfoot, Kaizen and Crankbait) and ‘Team Rock’ (Serta, Lucky Charms, Kryptonite, Mulligan and Bambi). The objective: 5 card draw – complete each round of circuit at 4 different stations and draw a card – complete more than 5 rounds and teams get to swap out cards. Bets were placed in the monetary form of exercises, ‘Team Wood’ bet 20 burpees and ‘Team Rock’ bet 10 double merkin burpees that each would have the winning hand.

Station #1

RD 1 – Merkins to side plank

RD 2 – Wall Jumps

RD 3 – Hand release dirkins

RD 4 – Lt. Dan

RD 5 – WWI

Station #2

RD 1 – Curb bangers

RD 2 – Rocky Balboa

RD 3 – Diamond merkins

RD 4 – Squat jumps

RD 5 – Sweat angels

Station #3

RD 1 – Hand switch merkins

RD 2 – Thigh master

RD 3 – Hand release merkins

RD 4 – Gorilla Squat

RD 5 – LBC

Station #4

RD 1 – Parker Peter

RD 2 – Monkey Humper

RD 3 – Wide merkins

RD 4 – Lateral squat jump

RD 5 – Crunch Frog

Each team was able to get through 7 rounds and at the end ‘Team Wood’ laid the wood with two pair over ‘Team Rock’ pair – ‘Team Wood’ took a victory lap with class while ‘Team Rock’ picked up their dignity with 20 burpees


American Hammers

Prayer Concerns: Toto and Family; April and Alexis

Announcements: Crankbait coat collection is overflowing – may distribute this weekend, announcement pending; Kernersville Rotary pancake supper dinner following Kernersville parade – see Shear Conn for tickets; Kernersville Christmas parade this Sunday Dec. 2 ; Crawdaddy informed us of an awesome Netflix series to checkout ‘Medal of Honor’ ; Q sheet is open ; Beer & Hymns this Sunday Dec. 2 @ Gypsy Road

Q led us out

enjoyed the opportunity to lead gentlemen