Back-blast. Northern Aggression 11/28/18

13 Hardy Pax posted to the 22 degrees of gloom beatdown this AM.

Sludge, Dr. Evil, Epstein, Blue Hen, Pacer, Boones Farm, Whamo, Man Hands, Flounder, Sprinkler, Kay, Deliverance and YHC.

Needing to generate some body heat, we jumped right into some slow stretching exercises.  Dean Vigodas and Cotton Pickers.  Dr. Evil voiced his displeasure with the slow start under such cold conditions.  The good Dr. apparently wanted to speed things up. The Q countered with “just keep running your mouth.  you’ll be fine”.  Q – 1.  Dr. Evil – 0.

WOR continued with Mountain Climbers, Helicopters, and Imperial Squats.

The Thang:
Moseyed to the retaining wall at the MSUMC parking lot for 30 Step-ups, 30 Erkins, and 30 Monkey Humpers.  Rinse and Repeat was called to a chorus of disgruntled mumblechatter.  That’s when YHC noticed Epstein performing his Monkey Humpers high atop the retaining wall and immediately introduced a new exicon…the Himalayan Monkey Humper.  So called for being performed at altitude.

Moseyed to the Chapel Steps and partnered up.  Partner 1 runs stairs while Partner 2 completes 30 Monkey Humpers. Switch.  Continuing with one partner running stairs while the other completed 10 Burpees and then 30 Erkins.

Moseyed to the Botanical Gardens back porch for some ab work.  30 WWI sit-ups, 30 LBCs, and 30 Pretzel Crunches.

Moseyed to the parking lot across from the Kernersville Indoor Rowing Club…b/c we wanted them to see how real men workout.  5 reps of 100 yard sprints going out and 100 yard mosey coming back. 30 Box Cutters, and then 30 of something else I can’t remember.

Moseyed to the Harmon Park Parking lot for 6MOM:
Freddie Mercurys
Cindy Crawfords
Supermans – including a new and exciting flying position.  Ask a #HIM that attended.
American Hammers

Good luck to Whamo and Mulligan who will be participating in 1/2 marathons this weekend in Wilmington and Memphis respectively.
Q-sheet is wide open!

Prayer Concerns:
Dr. Evil’s sister Barbara.
Lucky Charm and family traveling to his 2.0’s wedding in lawless Mexico.

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