Late Back-blast for The Turkey Day Torture.

Good thing I have some extra credit built up, b/c I’m gonna loose a couple letter grades on this late assignment.

11/22/18 Thanksgiving Day Turkey Torture.
14 regular Pax and a Fort Mill, SC visitor posted to 4th of July Park for a non-regularly scheduled beatdown.  Sludge, Kay, Gilmore, Cube, Epstein, Boones Farm, Water Wings, Whamo, Dr. Evil, Blue Hen, Bambi, FloRida, Flounder, Visitor – Router, and YHC.  Tarde was at least an hour late, so we aren’t sure if he posted or not.

The group was a little giddy with excitement knowing that no one had to work and a mid-day feast lay ahead.  There were calories to burn and muscles to strengthen, so we launched 30 seconds early.

SSHs – yes you read that correctly.  This HC called for SSHs.  It threw some people off.
It’s been a few days so I’m not sure what other exercises were completed, but whatever they were, the were well planned and executed.

The Thang
4 pain stations were set up around the perimeter of the park.  Laps were moseyed and stops were made at each pain station.  On lap 1, exercise #1 was completed at each station.  On lap 2, exercise #2 was completed at each station, and so on.

So taken in order it would go like this:
Lap #1 – Peter Parkers, Parker Peters, Plank Jacks, and Mountain Climbers.
Lap #2 – Lt Dans, Monkey Humpers, Thigh Masters, and Gorilla Squats.
Lap #3 – Merkins, Erkins, Dirkins, and Dips.
Lap #4 – LBCs, WWIs, Pretzel Crunches, and Box Cutters.
Lap #5 – Diamond Merkins, Hand Release Merkins, Wide Arm Merkins, and Wide Arm Merkins.  See what I did there on that last lap?  Made a mistake…  Q sheet is open!

While the direction was to proceed at your own pace, most Pax seemed to group up with those of similar abilities.  Nice to see the comradery and F3 core values of no man left behind and iron sharpens iron at work.  Either that, or most were scared of the dark and found comfort in numbers.

I remember sweat angels and American Hammers, but beyond that would just be guess work.  Again, it was certainly well planned and executed.

Announcements and prayer requests turned into a sharing of the things for which we  are most thankful.  Going around the circle, each #HIM proclaimed that for which he is most thankful.  An appropriate way to take us out on this day of Thanksgiving.

YHC is thankful there is no real penalty for late back-blasts….at least nothing beyond ill-intended mumblechatter anyway…

Always an honor, gentlemen.  I’m thankful for you all.

-Checkbook, out!