Backblast, “Who are YOU?”

23 brave souls to the workout today, split up into the two groups.  Flouder Q’d the Feats of Strength workout and will chime in on those details.

Gilmore, Crankbait, Checkbook, Waterwings, Mulligan, Hansen, Crawldaddy, Manhands, Sludge, Dr Evil, Red Hot, ShearCon, Chipper, Tarde, Serta, Epstein, Flounder, Blue Hen, Deliverance , David the FNG (Sloppy Joe!), Pacer, Kay, FannyPack.

Flounder led our warm up, SSH, Dean Vigodas, Cotton Picking, Mtn Climbers and maybe something else?

RW&B workout, “Who are YOU!?”  Since we are often not paying as much attention as we could during the end as names are called out, I thought it would be good to get to know each other a bit more.  We split up into random numbers of people in each group, 4, 5, perhaps 6, really hard to say as the numbers seemed to change at random as I looked around.

Station 1:  Tell us your F3 name, if it started with A to H 10 Copper Head squats,  I to P 15 Lt Dans and R to Z was 20 Monkey Humpers.

Station 2:  Tell us your “Real Life” name, if it started with A to H 10 Derkins,  I to P 15 Merkins and R to Z was 20 Irkins.

Station 3:  Tell us your Job / title name, if it started with A to H 10 Carolina Drydocks,  I to P 15 seconds of Balls to the Wall and R to Z was 20 Dips.

Our group finished the rounds for all 5 members and started on favorite movie, Checkbook jumped in with “Mamma Mia” and Gilmore’s favorite is “Raising Arizona.”

We called it then and headed to the BB court for some ab work, holding plank for the six as they leisurely strolled in, no hurries taken… no cares given!?

Mary was 10 each of Dying Cockroaches (or some approximation thereof), LBCs, and MURICAN HAMMER.

David Mansburger, 59, Chaplin in USAF, work(ed)ing at Arlington National Cemetery, a cheesehead fan (sigh…), a Braves fan (so he has that going for him…), Bill’s sisters fan…AWKWARD….    So we went down the road of Mansburger sounds like “Hamburger Helper” which takes a left turn to Manwich and ends up at SLOPPY JOEs for our newest F3 name!!!  Congrats and welcome, we hope you come back soon, not sure if you are just visiting.

Announcements:  ShearCon has tickets to pancake supper at Kville Elem School which follows the Christmas parade.

Prayers for Mulligan & Whammo are both running this weekend, keep em in your prayers.  John Byrd was lifted up by Sloppy Joe.  Pacers wife as she goes back into nursing.

Sloppy Joe, a professional lead us out in prayer

An honor to lead