Back-blast. Monday 11/19/18. Red, White & Boom.

What is old is new again (recycled weinkie)…and again (lots of rinsing and repeating).

Whamo’s sled was first in the parking lot as he headed out at the butt-crack of dawn to train for an upcoming 1/2 marathon.  Dr. Evil and YHC joined him for his final couple of miles.  Don’t know how far Whamo moseyed before we got there, but the engine on his truck was cold when I arrived….old Indian tracking technique…  Extra Credit, complete.

The early and cool-morning Pax included: Chipper, Serta, Water Wings, Duvet, Boones Farm, Crankbait, Deliverance, Pacer, Mulligan, FloRida, Kay, Epstein, Blue Hen, Radar, Fortran, Gilmore, Tenderfoot, Flounder, Sludge, Dr. Evil, Tarde, Whamo, Dean, Red HOT (where you been, dude?) and YHC.

Flounder Q’ed the Feats of Strength and the WOR so he’ll have to enter that data.

The beat-down THANG:
Mosey to the Amphitheater for 30 Dips, 30 Hillbillies.  The first attack on the Q was quickly mounted as the Pax didn’t appreciate the Q’s modifying up to Imperial Walkers.  Or was it the ensuing Rinse and Repeat they didn’t like?

Mosey to Pavillion I for 30 Thigh Masters and 30 Merkins.  Rinse and Repeat.  The Pax had to pause momentarily as FloRida finished up the last of his PERFECTLY executed Merkins….a sight to behold if I may say so…

Mosey to Pavillion II for 30 Carolina Dry Docks and 30 LBCs (IC).  Rinse and Repeat.  For some reason, Sludge spent most of his CDD time laughing at the Q’s technique.  Where’s FloRida when you need him?

Mosey to the Convalescent Center where our brothers-in-tiny-arms were listening to music.  30 monkey humpers (just for show), 30 Lt. Dans and 30 Erkins.  Rinse and Repeat.

It wasn’t immediately noticed, but it was at this point that Epstein pulled the never-seen-before, mid-beat down, switch from the boot camp group to the feats of strength group.  Upon discovery, Epstein was thoroughly verbally abused as a move such as this is only slightly less bush-league than failing to post for your own Q,   The Q appreciated seeing the Pax’s aggression deferred to someone else.

A second full lap of mosey and pain stations was rinse and repeated.

Running low on time, the full group moseyed to the basketball court for 6MOM:
Sweat Angles
Cindy Crawfords (each side)
American Hammers

Dr. Evil had cards for the Pax to sign for (4) very deserving “friends-of-the-pax”.
Kudos to Gilmore and his M for pulling off the excellent East-Winston bike distribution project.  15 kids and 1 adult showed up to empty that exact number of bikes out of the trailer.  Lots of smiling kids!
The family of Deliverance’s college roommate who recently passed from cancer.
The family of Pacer’s recently passed co-worker.
Tenderfoot’s scout leader peer who is a minster and recently lost his mother.  The counselor is struggling to accept counseling.

Gilmore took us out.

Always a pleasure, gentlemen…well, usually a pleasure anyway….

-Checkbook, out!