“Gotta Catch ‘Em All” Backblast for Pain in the Park Saturday 11/17/18

13 HIM turned up for a Pokémon inspired workout.


  • SSH x1I.C.
  • Moroccan Nightclubs x10I.C.
  • Jazzercise x10I.C.
  • Makhtar N’Diayes x10I.C.
  • Nancy Kerrigans x10I.C.

Teams: The Pax was asked to self organize into 3 groups of roughly equal size.  Then each group selected a “destination card”, numbered 1, 2, or 3…


Thang 1: Each group then moseyed to their assigned area to “Catch ‘Em All“.  Look for each of 11 cards with an exercise.  Here’s the deck of all 33 cards…

Do each exercise and collect the card.  When your team has collected all 11 cards, return to the basketball court.  While waiting at the court, work through cards in your deck.

Thang 2: Pokemon battles.


  1. Everyone stays with their group, in different areas of the BB court.
  2. Each group selects two cards from the 11 in your deck.  Trade one card  with each of the other 2 groups.

Round 1: Each team picks a card and plays it in the middle of the court.  The entire group (all 3 teams) do all 3 of the exercises on the played cards. These played cards remain in the center and are no longer able to be re-played.

Round 2: Each team picks a card and plays it clockwise or counter-clockwise as directed.  Each team does the exercise on the card they were given.  These traded cards are kept and may be re-given.

Round 3. Each team picks a card and plays it clockwise or counter-clockwise as directed.  Each team does the exercise on the card they were given.  These traded cards are kept and may be re-given.

Rinse and repeat rounds 1-3 for about 3 cycles.


Crowd favorites were the Slalom Burpeesx10, Prisoner Get Ups x20, and Makhtar NDiayesx20.

Remember that one person who messes up the entire Monopoly/Cornhole/Poker game with their own “rules”?  Well, Kay tried to play a location card, was caught stealing cards from the center of the circle, and infringed on Epstein’s personal space during the 1 minute plank.  Among other things.

Lots of Pax stepped up to count for exercises.  The highlight was Boone’s Farm calling the ‘Merkins.  Instead of calling “down” and the Pax counting on the up, we ended up with a hilarious reverso…with Boone’s Farm counting on each down, and the Pax calling “down” on each up.

Sprinkler (or is it Sprankler?) repeatedly challenged YHC’s spelling of Merkin (or is it ‘Mericans?).  If only I had an admin assistant, but alas, Dean is still on strike.

The Slalom Burpees card was a strong one in the Pokémon battle.  It kept getting passed around, much to Kay’s dislike.  That led to Kay whining about the “rules”, after previously flaunting the rules.  Brings an old saying to mind:

Related image

MOM: (all done rapid-fire, with no breaks)

  1. Rosalita whip x10I.C.
  2. Crabcakes x10I.C.
  3. Dying Cockroaches x20I.C.
  4. Pretzel Crunches x10I.C. each side
  5. LBCs x10I.C.
  6. AH x20I.C.
  7. 22 Merkins OYO

COR: 13 with the Q

NOR:  Blue Hen, Deliverance, Duvet , Sludge, Boone’s Farm, Gilmore, Chipper, Kay, Sprinkler, Epstein, Radar, Checkbook, Tarde (Q).

Announcements and Prayer Requests:  Thanksgiving day (@5:30AM) beatdown provided by checkbook, Gilmore wrapping up bike collection and distributing bikes Sunday (see Slack post for details), continue praying for Dr. Evil’s Sister, Dr. Evil’s co-worker Angela, Mulligan’s family (Brad, April and Alexis), acquaintance (John) of Gilmore who had a family tragedy due to mental health issues, pray for safe travels of group of kids from EFHS going to NYC this weekend.

Kay led us out with a great prayer.

Always an honor, and always right on time, Tardy.