Northern Aggression Wednesday November 14, 2018

11 Pax members with the Q.  Posted this morning to see how many walls were downtown

This was all we saw of Check Book when he heard there was a wall workout

This was all we saw of Check Book when he heard this was a wall workout!!!!!!!

We even had a plan in place if Dr. Evil would have posted!!!!!


Pax: Sprinkler, Epstein, Wammo, Deliverance, Kay, Flounder, Man Hands, Check Book, Water Wings, Boons Farm,


Q: Sludge


Moseyed down to MSUMC





Cotton Pickers

Sun Gods


The Thang


Wall 1 at MSUMC

Burpee’s on the wall with a jump up on the wall at the end 15oyo


Wall 2 at MSUMC

Irkin Claps 15 OYO


Wall 3 at MSUMC

Derkins 15 OYO


Wall 4 at MSUMC

Higher wall Derkins 15 OYO


While moseying to Wall 5 at the Fidelity Bank

Q decided to Lunge the sidewalk from Ciener Gardens to Fidelity Bank


Wall 5 (Partner Up) Fidelity Bank

Shoulder Taps Derkin Style while Partner sprinted a lap. (Swap)


Wall 6 Fidelity Bank

Wall Squats while partner sprinted a lap. (Swap)


Wall 7 Fidelity Bank

Indian Run with Chiefs doing push off irkins


Moseyed to Police Station


Wall 8 Police Station

Traveling Irkins and Derkins


Wall 9 behind the old Pennix Drug Store

4 minute wall sit



Wall 10 behind the old Pennix Drug Store

Balls to Wall w/ Mountain Climbers Qty 13 IC


Wall 11 at All Cakes Yummy



Time was called, and we headed to the ally way for Mary.


One group would sprint the Alley while the other group would do Mary then flip flop.


Exercise 1    LBC’s

Exercise 2    WWI’s

Exercise 3    Crab Cakes

Exercise 4    Cindy Crawfords Left Side

Exercise 5    Cindy Crawfords Righ Side

Exercise 6    American Hammers




Joys, Praises, and Prayers


Gilmore is collecting bikes & Helmets Friday and Saturday at the workout


Clothes for Crankbait


Toto has a daughter now (Sadie)


It is Kay’s son’s birthday (Jack)


Thank you for letting me Lead!!!  It is a truly a pleasure.



Sludge                                                         Our Next Wall Workout

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