Backblast – Poison Ivy – 11/14/18 – “He ain’t heavy he’s my brother”

Backblast – Poison Ivy –

Weds – 11/14/18 –

“He ain’t heavy he’s my brother”

Featuring – Epstein on lead vocals.

Pax: Serta, Tarde, Mulligan, Crankbait, Chipper, Lucky Charms, Dean, Florida, Gilmore, Crawdaddy 

QIC: Crawadaddy

10 inspired Pax, braves the brisk breezes under temporarily cleared skies to see what the November 14th Crawdaddy production had to offer.  By the end, with a high step count calories burned and ready to embrace the day all hearts would be filled with joy, yet the QIC would again think that putting mittens on an octopus may be easier than leading said group.

Accounting for the group, a slow mosey was held up to the crossroads.  Where Crankbait (donning his valet uniform, almost froze to death).


15 X Side Straddle Hops, Cotton Pickers, Imperial Walkers, Abe Vigotas, Sun Gods (Restless Legs style).


Pair up.  #1 drops, does 2 Merkinless Burpees.  #2 goes Backwards to next pole and high knees awaiting #1.  #1 runs forward after burpees until passing #2 then backwards to next pole, causing #2 to drop for said burpees and repeat…  Now this could simply not be clearer.  What the group did to this exercise is borderline criminal.. Had 2 people QIC and his faithfull partner Crankbait, executing a perfect following of directions.  Then there were 8 others doing whatever the hell they wanted.. Chipper and Florida taking it to a new level of not even stopping at poles!!

Admin entering dictated notes from QIC into diary last night..

At road – return with Indian run, last guy drops for 2 Burpees.  Watch out for poles.

Run ended at upper lot, where pairs grabbed the curb for pair suicides.  #1 runs to first parking line does one 4X4 then runs back.  Second partner (doing Split Jacks) switches and goes to same line.  Repeat until far side is reached.  At this point it was made self evident that Dr. Tarde clearly graduated last in his class at Grenada Med School.

Filling the unrequested role of K, telling everyone else that they were doing it wrong..  The group pressed on.

Crankbait attempted 10 count.

While Lucky Charms tried to clear his thoughts.

Group then mosey’d to shelter benches.  #1’s went into drum circles style group abs as #2 took a lap.  then switch.

Lap #1 – 5 pull ups at pull up bars

Lap#2 – 10 Step ups each leg at Pepsi Machine benches.

Another phase completed just as planned.

Having had as much fun as one man could stand, mosey to lower lot.

Mary – 25 American Hammers.

Praises – Toto adoption was successful.

Prayers – Fallen WSPD police officer Kevin Shea, Tuesday group waitress Emmy and her daughter who is undergoing surgery, The young woman who was abducted (Amber Alert), and anyone bringing bikes, please do so Friday am.

Crankbait led us out.


Always a pleasure Gents – and thus ends another Crawdaddy Production.







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