Backblast: Pain in the park – Saturday is a rugby day

12 beasts of PAX gathered for Bambi’s first Q and to partake in a rugby themed F3, FlorRida, Kay, Dr. Evil, Special Ed, Chipper, Sludge, Sprinkler, Gilmore, Epstein, Checkbook, Boones Farm, Bambi. The average rugby player runs 5-7 miles per game – we tracked around 2.5.

once we got some rugby particulars out of the way – a “knock on” is defined by a fumbling of the pass forward – for workout purposes we counted all dropped passes as a “knock on” – indian run penalty for knock on = burpees , exercise penalty = merkins

12 PAX took to warm-o-rama like the All Blacks warm up for a rugby game like: (note this is also what Steve Earle looks like and is difficult to count in cadence-put this one back in the toolbox)

Image result for intimidating all blacks

once Bambi learned how to count in cadence, warm-o-rama consisted of side straddle hops, finkle swings, abe vigoda, cotton pickers, steve earle, goofballs

The Thang

Indian run to baseball field, we almost made it before there was a knock on. Only a few knock on during exercise

  1. Burpees & pass
  2. Lunge & pass
  3. Duck Walk & pass (noted some modification here – a duck walk is a walking squat)
  4. Jump squats & pass
  5. Hop & pass
  6. Tackle simulation drill – down to plank & pop pass – hurdle over PAX – cycle through
  7. High knees & pass
  8. Sprint forward & pass
  9. Sprint backward & pass
  10. Ass kickers & pass

Indian run to benches – note muscles don’t operate when they’re tired – a few knock ons here

  1. Bench (box) jumps
  2. Urkin w/clap

Indian run to school entrance

  1. Rocky Balboa
  2. Curb bangers

Indian run to auditorium lot (gym, auditorium – same thing) – a couple of new workouts here

  1. Lateral line jump
  2. Hand switch merkin

Indian run to bball court for Mary


  1. Flutter kicks
  2. E2K
  3. Sweat angels
  4. LBC
  5. Crunchy frog
  6. American hammer – rugby style – note multitasking is not our strong suite

Announcements: bicycles Nov 18, invite a PAX, Q-sheet is open

Prayer requests: Tenderfoot, Man Hands, Sprinkler business partner, Tim and Diane at Main St. – Sprinkler lead us out

Enjoyed it men – “make the hurt feel good”