Backblast: Flash Bang Friday: Double Down

(20) PAX  braved the Pelting Rain and cold (47 Degrees) to start their Friday on good terms:  Epstein, Man Hands, Dr.Evil, Duvet, Crankbait, Blue Hen, Crawdaddy, Gilmore, Tarde, Mulligan, Kay, Checkbook, Sprinkler, Chipper, Boones Farm, Flounder, Serta, Water Wings, Bambi, Q (Far Side).


This is how we rolled on a FRIDAY (Shocker). Q has now branded his new “Dan Marino F3 Play Call Armband”. Early mocking turned into, “Maybe Far Side is on to something” when the rain started.



Mosey Run around Park. Gilmore drops a literal bomb on Kay and then gives feedback on the pack getting “loose”. Almost down to (18) PAX. Q  checks wristband and proceeds  to the the “Far Side Memorial Tennis Courts” and does Warmo: SSH X  10, Hillbillies, MClimbers X 10, Seam Rippers X 10.  Rinse and Repeat (Double Down).

Mosey to Bus lot. Partner up for 100 Merkins, 150 Squats, (2) Rounds of Sprints and Elbow Planks.  Double Down at 50 Merkins, 75 Squats, Elbow Planks. Epstein “early calls” that at least we won’t be doing Roxanne with all these push ups! PAX call B.S.!

Mosey to Benches: 40 Partner Step Ups (Sounds like a “Dancing with the  Stars”move) while partner runs “Reverso” and Lunges.  Double Down – 20 Step Ups. Dr. Evil and Epstein catch the  Q “accidentally” running instead of Lunging. Q disregards and they mock his use of the lexicon term “modify”.  B.S. called AGAIN!

Mosey to lower level. “Coaches Whistle” makes another glorious appearance for gut sprints. Complaining and line formation challenges. Kay turns sideways and  is almost lost from the  Q’s sight!

Mosey to Courts for…ROXANNE. Evil expresses his opinion that the Q  is a “one trick pony”. Excuse me, don’t we always close with American Hammers because of you!?”

Prayers: Tenderfoot family surgery, Wife/Father Marathon (Man Hands), Prayers for Toto,  Keith – Far Side’s CSR’s Husband.  Bicycles next week loading Friday/Saturday.

P.S. – 9 AND 0 Clemson plays at B.C. at 8:00 P.M Saturday and is featured on “ESPN’s Gameday” again tomorrow. Just sayin’ Wolfpack, Yellow Jackets, Hokies, and Deacs.  Please don’t text, call, or Slack  me during this time…especially if we  are losing.

My honor gents,

Far Side