Back-Blast: Poison Ivey – Descending

PAX: Duvet, Mulligan, Wammo, Checkbook, Sheercon, Sludge, Lucky Charm, CrawDaddy, Thumper, Serta, Dean, Gilmore, Jeff (FNG), Crank Bait, Kryptonite

Q: Kryptonite

15 strong, including FNG Jeff, gathered on a perfect morning to experience some descending delight at Poison Ivey. Due to the presence of an FNG and the Q’s lack of memory skills, the help of a few friends was needed to offer up the F3 mission before the PAX was led off on a mosey.

Just as we started to make the turn off the roadway into the main parking lot, the PAX were instructed to line up in plank position in 2 lines for a little Bear Crawl Inch Worm. The cheers of excitement and joy were simply overwhelming! After we traversed the length of the entrance (about 3 rotations), we stopped and circled up for a warm-up.

Warm-O-Rama (IC):

Goofballs X20

Plank Jacks X20

Bat Wings X15 each of 4 directions

Squatting Frankenstein X10

Slow Count Abe X10

Mosey to the main road for some descending pain.

The Thang:

With everyone lined up at the first light post, the PAX proceeded to run to the next light post to perform 15 burps without the merks. This continued from light pole to light pole descending from 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 then running to next light pole to complete 10 Dan Taylors.

Once complete, return to the start but on the way back performing descending merkins starting with 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 and finishing at the start with 25 Carolina Dry Docks. PAX help plank for the 6.

The group then made the mosey back to the upper lot for the next round of descending pain. PAX partnered up for descending 21s partner style with a few twists.

Partners lined up opposite each other about 50′ apart. Partner 1 completed 21 Squat Jacks while Partner 2 did 20 Squat Jacks. Partners then ran and swapped sides completing a 4X4 in crossing; This continued in descending format until time was called with most pairs over half completed.

PAX gathered and made the short mosey back to the lower lot for some Mary.

6MOM (IC):

  • WWI X10 OYO
  • WWI Cockroach X10
  • Slow extended flutter X10
  • Reverse Crunch X10
  • Pretzel Crunch X10 each leg
  • American Hammer X15


With our FNG Jeff joining us, a proper F3 name was needed. With a willing provider of information, it didn’t take long for the PAX to settle on Twinkle Toes. Although one particular PAX was a bit disappointed with the new name, feeling as though it was too nice, we welcomed Twinkle Toes to the group!

Prayer requests and praise for the new driver joining the Sludge family; Prayer requests for Toto and family with the adoption; Don’t forget the upcoming bike distribution on 11/18 in Winston.

Gilmore led us out.

Always an honor gentlemen and thank you for the opportunity to lead!

Aye, Kryptonite

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