Sweatin’ to the Oldies

The PAX: Flounder, Sludge, Kay, Tarde, Sprinkler, Thin Mint, FloRida, Blue Hen, Mulligan, Dr. Evil, Fortran, Boones Farm, Man Hands, Epstein

Fourteen gathered in the not-so-spooky gloom to party off some pounds like it was 1985. The party got underway with nervous anticipation based on some of the mumblechatter coming from the PAX because of YHC’s workout gear of choice?

We got things going with a very brief mosey to the bank next to the park and did 20 SSH IC. This seems a surprising time of the morning for the arrival of a special guest – but everyone gave the warmest of welcome to our guest co-Q’s: Richard Simmons and his friend Little Epstein!! Now we have some oldies to enjoy for the rest of the workout


Some of the PAX reaction to this…

The Warm-O-Rama continued with Rockette Hillbillies x 20 IC, Don Quixote x 15 IC, Overhead Claps with WIDE LEG Squat x 25 IC, Monkey Humpers x 12 IC

Mosey to the lightest grassey area of Harmon Park for Susanne Summers #1 (squats with toes out) x 12 IC, Side-Plank Push Ups x 12 IC (each side), Susanne Summers #2 (leg lifts on side) x 12 IC (each side)

Mosey to church parking lot for a Princess Tea Party. Partner up and complete 10 Patty-Cake Merkins IC before Partner Air Chairs for 1 min. Al Gore for the six. Rinse and Repeat. No volunteers to go a third round on this one – so Omaha to a mosey across Main Street to the bank for a nice round of elevens (Burpees and Crab Humpers).

We had just enough time for all PAX to complete this before an easy mosey back to the grassy park are in front of the security cameras for 6MOM.

Wheezy Jefferson x 15 IC, Rosalitas x 15 IC, Susanne Summers #3 ( bottom leg lifts on side) x 12 IC, American Hammer x 25 IC.

Big thanks to Sludge for taking us out in prayer!


Sponsor Mulligan for his half-marathon event, Sludgfest 2 will be in January

Continue to pray for April, Alexa, and Brad

Always an honor and privilege. Thanks for playing along Men of the Gloom