Dean’s Halloween Ivey Deadmond Backblast!

14 Candy-starved PAX showed up to see what Dean had in store

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The PAX:  Shear Conn, Chipper, Deliverance, Wham-O, Crankbait, Red Hot, Kryptonite, Thumper, Serta, Lucky Charms, Crawdaddy, Duvet, Hanson, Dean (QIC)

We started with a quick disclaimer given that Candy could result in Merlot sightings…Pax were instructed to partner up (with Lucky Charms quickly picking me…I was honored…)  PAX were instructed to grab a concrete cylinder (f’c=4000 psi and Unit weight varies from 120 pcf to 145 pcf) and mosey to the big parking lot.

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Then PAX were told to grab a piece of candy and begin eating DURING the warm-a-rama….YHC chose Whoppers and it was quite difficult (more than expected) to eat them during side-straddle hops…Some people had adverse reactions…this was Serta‘s reaction…

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Others, like Wham-O! had no issues…

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Meanwhile, others like Duvet decided this approach was best…

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The Warm-a-rama consisted of:

20x Side straddle hops

15x Sun gods each way

15x Seam Rippers

10x Dean Vigodas

We then took the cylinders to the bottom of the parking lot for a Partner Bear Crawl/cylinder push the entire way up the parking lot.  As Shear Conn and Lucky Charms pointed out, no way we bear crawl the entire parking lot without the cylinder to distract us.  Here was Crankbait in action

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After this, we did TRICK AND TREAT at each island.  There were (3) Pieces of Candy at each parking lot island that had to be consumed along with Pain…The pain were:

Lt. Dans


Hand Release Merkins


Lt. Dans again

Possibly some other…This was more or less Q-Led tarde style improv…We did skip (3) islands though because the PAX were NOT liking the candy anymore…Here was Kryptonite, Thumper, and Hanson post workout…

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We then did BOWLING (during the winter olympics this was curling…but whatever)…Roll your cylinder between parking stops…if you succeed 20x Ab exercise, if you fail, 3x hills.  Eventually switched to 15x leg exercise or 10x burpees…Chipper, always in style below with the perfect strike!

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Then to the benches for (3) sets of Dips, Step-ups, and Derkins...Crawdaddy with the gracious reminder to LOOK AT THE CLOCK

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Then to the main parking lot for Marys of LBC, Homer/Marge, Superman and Hammers…

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Announcements/Prayer Requests: Toto and Mulligan’s Family, Red Hot‘s 1-year anniversary!  And proving he has the right name, Shear Conn (AKA SOULMATE! was able to warm his hands on the steam coming from Red Hot‘s head…Sanitation only an Ecolab employee could truly appreciate)

Crankbait took us out

Fun to lead,