Red White & Boom, October 29; Happy Campers

An indeterminate, but odd, number (sorry, ShearConn) of pax braved dark sidewalks and wet grass for a Boot Camping trip under clear and starry skies.  After a short negotiation with co-Q Kay, YHC rounded up the Pax, offered a tiny bit of mission statement, and skipped to the traditional cul-de-sac Warmarama site for:

  • Side Straddle Hops – 10 IC
  • Chinooks – 10 IC each direction
  • Cotton Pickers – 10 IC
  • Mountain Climbers – 10 IC.

Kay’s strongmen broke away to the Strength Center of Excellence to do whatever strongmen do, and the Happy Campers each grabbed a coupon and followed  Sludge, who, eager to get to The Thang, set a deliberate pace up the sidewalk to the front schoolyard.  Unbeknownst to the Pax, Checkbook ran point and removed all treachery from the path before shrinking into a Pacer-like lurk behind the hedge.

YHC wrestled back control (if you can call it that), positioned the pax at the west end of the wet front lawn, and partnered them up for The Main Event:

  1. Round 1 — Partner A runs to east end of lawn carrying his coupon and his partner’s, also.  Partner A then completes 15 Curls each side, copperhead-style, before returning to west end, with a stop for one burpee halfway back.  While waiting on Partner A, Partner B pumps out Peter Parker Merkins.   Then A & B swap roles.   T-claps to those pax who finished this exercise with wet shirts.  Sludge berated his partner for going too slow.
  2. Round 2 — Partner A runs east for 15 Standing Flies, copperhead-style, while  Partner B does full-range squats (hands to ground and hands overhead).  Swap.  Sludge berated his partner for taking too long.
  3. Round 3 – Partner A does Tricep Extensions with both blocks, copperhead-style, while Partner B does Moon Gods in sets of 10 IC each side.  Swap.  Sludge berated his partner for waking him from his nap.
  4. Round 4 – Partner A does Bent Rows, copperhead-style, while Partner B does Thighmasters in sets of 10 each side.  Swap.  Sludge berated his partner for a leisurely attitude.
  5. Round 5- Partner A does Bent Flies, copperhead style while Partner B does Alabama Ass Kickers (sort of:  keeping leg extended while pulsing up).  “Least challenging”, sniffed Dr Evil. YHC suggested 25 reps per side to increase degree of difficulty.  Mumblechatter overheard:  Dean and ShearConn, apparently having already achieved buns of steel, opted to compare workout leotards rather than count reps.  Sludge berated his partner for dodging thrown bricks.

Five rounds was enough to dampen gloves, shoes and spirits, so the Pax returned to the basketball court to join the strongmen for 6 Minutes of Mary, led at double-time by Co-Q Kay.

Mary, Name-arama, and COT to follow in Kay‘s appendix.

Always an honor to lead and a joy to belong,





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