Poison Ivy Backblast

12 PAX gathered this morning in order to determine if Rock N Roll is indeed noise pollution.

PAX: Epstein, Crankbait, Hanson, Crawdaddy, Serta, Boones Farm, Duvet, Thumper, Shutterfly, Lucky Charms, Soulmate Dean,  Q-Shear Conn

Dean and Shear Conn showed up proudly wearing their NC State sweatshirts. (Although it is rumored that they wore red to hide the blood still seeping from wounds as a result of the Clemson thrashing.)

Warm-a-rama: We moseyed 10 ft to circle up for  15 SSHs, 15 Cotton Pickers and 15 Hillbillies.

The Thang:  Mercan Indian run (Last guy does a mercan before sprinting to the front of the line) from the lower lot up to the road and around to the concession stand.

At the picnic tables: 15 Step-ups, 15 dips. Rinse and repeat.

The Pax then moseyed to the hill for Elevens – Burpees at the top, WWIIs at the bottom.

Since we were moving with such speed and grace, the Q added a trip across the parking lot. Lunges to first line, 5 LBCs in cadence, Run to the second line, 5 Prisoner get-ups. Repeat until across the pavement. Crankbait complained about not doing the get-ups in the grass because he got a boo-boo.

Next circled up for AC-DC’s Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution. American Hammers for the first minute, then plank position. One Mercan for every “Rock and Roll” plus One Plank Jack for every “Noise Pollution”.  I’m not sure, but I think it was sometime during this that Epstein lost his shirt.

We then finished Mary with 20 Low Slow Flutters and 10 Cindy Crawfords each side.

It was concluded that while Rock and Roll may not be noise pollution; breathing was certainly difficult after the music this morning. (More studies required.)


  • Keep Toto in your prayers.
  • Keep Mulligan, April and Alexis in your prayers.
  • Reminder: Donate to charity run for St Judes. See Mulligan’s message on Slack.
  • Gilmore collecting bikes. Tentative date to distribute on November 18th.
  • Praise: Checkbook and Molly OK after rubbing & racin spinout on I-40 last weekend..

Crankbait prayed us out.

Shear Conn.

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a well preserved body, but rather to slide in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a ride!”          Hunter S. Thompson