Back-blast Red, White & Boom/Feats of Strength Monday 10/22/18

20 loyal Pax members shook off the Monday morning call to fartsack and posted strong to begin the week.

Thin Mint, Water Wings, Bambi, Do-va, Duevae, Duvea, Duvet, Man Hands, Serta, Flounder, Blue Hen, Whamo, Crainkbait, Boone’s Farm, Deliverance, Thumper, Dean, Red Hot, Fortran, Kisan (visitor), Mulligan, Sludge, and YHC, Checkbook.

Abe Dean Vigodas
Cotton Pickers
Sun gods
Imperial Squats

The Thang:
QIC, Flounder took his draft picks to the convalescence center for  Feats of Strength…ironic location…just say’in…  Feats of strength exercises were completed, but YHC has no idea what they were.  At one point, as YHC was performing monkey humpers and gazing backwards through his legs, he did witness some erkins.  Try to get rid of THAT mental picture.

QIC, Checkbook lead the boot camp work out.
Ascending Curb Crawls (4) at the park entrance.
Mosey to the back parking lot.
Lunges from the hill side of the parking lot to the school side. 5 WWI sit-ups.  Backwards lung back for 10 WWI sit-ups.  Continue, lattering up to 20 reps.
Mulligan called out the Q for recycling a weinkie.  Guilty!  Q-sheet is open.
Mosey to the benches at the drop off line.
20 dips, 20 erkins.
Gorilla squats across the parking lot for 5 freddie mercuries, Gorilla squats back for 10 freddie mercuries, Continue, lattering up to 20 reps.
Mosey to the front of the school.
25 curb bangers.
Mosey to the amphitheater.
20 more dips, 20 more erkins.
Mosey to the park entrance with a quick monkey humper stop at the convalescence center to show our comrades some moral support, as well as our athletic supporters.
Ascending Curb Crawls (5).
Mosey Walk to the basketball court.
Old guys complete WWI sit-ups while young guns run a suicide. Swap.
Old guys hold plank while young guns run another suicide. Swap.

Sweat Angles
Cindy Crawfords
Low/Slow Flutters
American Hammers

Duvet needs a volunteer or two to help him in bed move a bed for one of our previous moving victims.
Crankbait is collecting warm clothes to distribute to the homeless.

Prayer Concerns:
Mulligan’s family support prayer chain.  YHC and Tarde are up this week on the schedule.  YHC started on Sunday.  Dean announced Tarde would probably begin on Tuesday.
Dr. Evil’s sister Barbara battling ovarian cancer.

Crankbait lead us out.

Always an honor to lead, gentlemen.

-Checkbook, out!