Backblast, Preblast, Preblast..What?

Back-blast; 10/20/18 Pain in the Park Saturday, Return of the F3 modified Barclay Marathon :
Pax: Tramp Stamp, Tarde, Epstein, Kay, Blue Hen, Chipper, and YHC, Checkbook.

The threat of rain, and the gathering Kernersville Pumpkin Run crowed must have scared off most of the Pax.

Various warm-up exercises

The Thang:
The Pax enjoyed a Barclay Marathon style stroll around the grounds.  Five 1/2 mile loops with pain stations at roughly every quarter mile.  That’s 2.5 miles of mosey and 16 pain stations if your keeping up at home.  There is no doubt the Pax would have completed the course had the Q not prematurely evacuated called Omaha…setting up 14 minutes of Mary.

14 MOM:
Various cool down exercises at high numbers of repetitions as to kill 14 minutes.

Pre-blast, 10/22/18 Red, White & Boom Monday:
4th of July Park; Gather at 5:25, Launch at 5:30.

No one had taken the Q as of 6:00 Sunday evening, so you get this Q to the power of two…and see below…

Pre-blast, 10/22/18 Feats of Strength Monday:
4th of July Park; Gather at 5:25, Launch at 5:30.

Q’d by your favorite bottom-dweller, Flounder.