Backblast: Flash Bang Friday – 10/19/18 – “The DJ Booth”

Backblast:  Flashbang Friday


4th of July Park

The DJ booth

A Crawdaddy Production

Pax: Kay, Sludge, Dean, Chipper, Lucky Charms, Checkbook, Deliverance, Tarde, Epstein, Radar, RedHot, Manhands, Foretran, Florida, Mulligan, Boones Farm, Shearcon, Crawdaddy

QIC: Crawdaddy

18 Pax gathered under starlit skies to embrace a brisk taste of fall and see what mayhem awaited them.  Disclaiming that you get what you pay for and an empty Q slot pays very little, all were made aware that there was no plan.  But also that the DJ booth was open, 2 turntables were up and phone lines were open.  A mosey commenced.


Pax moseyed to 911 responder circle.  20 SSH, 20 Cotton Pickers, 20 Chinooks then on  for Hurdler StretchTarde was overheard musing that it seemed a lot like a Thursday.. He was summarily ignored by the QIC.

The Thang:

1st stop as we head up the charts was a spontaneous 20 Monkey Humpers. (Cause they won’t hump themselves).

2nd stop arboretum benches for – 20 Dips. 

3rd stop – What we just played that song! What are we I heart Radio?? ! ok  20 more dips. Everyone hates a double dipper..

Next stop tennis courts… count off by 2s.  1’s run suicides, 2s doing split Jacks awaiting relief.  Switch repeat.

Mosey to circle to appease a long distance request from RedHot on line 1 for 20 Imperial Walkers.

On to the bus lot for Lunges over distance with 1 Merkin at each line.  Epstein musing that they felt a lot like Burpees?? QIC couldn’t understand him though, because he had a shirt on.


Line 3 then received a prank call from Tarde for more 20 more dips.. since the vinyl was still on the table, we let it roll.

Mosey back to arboretum benches for 20 Erkins.

Then to shelter benches for 20 step ups.

QIC seeing his shift was near end and Venus Flytrap was in the hall ready to go, we headed for the B-ball Courts.

1’s ran suicides while 2 did low slow flutters, switch, repeat.

Into the circle for Mary – but wait.. phone lines are closed, but the house phone was still lit up.  Never to deny a fan. the group knocked out a strong Roxanne.


X’s and O’s, Superman/Ironman, Cindy Crawfords and American Hammers

Prayer Requests: Lucky’s B-Ball friend The Miller family , Crankbait still needing items for homeless.

Kay led us out.

Always a pleasure Gents – Crawdaddy    Ouuuuut


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