Northern Aggression, Ups and Downs

Fourteen loyal Pax  came to enjoy an easy morning of fun.

Mulligan, Wham O, Boone’s Farm, Sludge, Sprinkler, Epstein, FloRida, Man Hands, Checkbook, Radar, Flounder, Fortran, Water Wings, Dr. Evil (QIC)

After a brief safety talk — bright colors are suggested in the future for the Northern Aggression AO (in this new venue there can be several road crossings) –YHC tried to “really explore the space.”

A quick mosey and circle up brought the Pax to…


  • SSH’s, 20 IC
  • Don Quixotes, 15 IC
  • Cotton Pickers, 15 IC
  • Imperial Squat Walkers, 15 IC

Mosey to the bank across Main Street

Pax put their feet on the short wall in a plank creating a bridge for a bear walk.  Intent was to hold plank throughout and only one Pax crawl through at a time.  YHC anticipated that this would be challenging, but YHC was not ready for the complete collapse.  Good exercise, and we’ll see it again.  It will be good to see the progress that we make…Mosey across Harmon to parking lot with parking blocks.

First round:  Complete the seven sets of two stations, 5 merkins on first parking block and 5 derkins on the second parking block.  Tclaps to Pax who figured it out.  Kudos to Man Hands who quickly did the math…yep, 70 total between merkins and derkins.

Second Round:  Complete the seven sets of two stations, heels to blocks for squats at first parking block, toes to blocks for squats on second parking block.  YHC was worried that this would be too easy…

Mosey to hill on Harmon for Elevens

  • Worst Primate Humper Evers (Capuchin , Monkey, Gorilla–all three equals one WPHE)

  • WWI Sit Ups
  • Run down the hill facing downhill, Run backwards up hill #crowdpleaser
  • No one hit by a car, even running in the road in complete darkness–#bonus

Omaha called, run back to original circle for ….


  • Crunchy frogs, 15 IC
  • Dying Cockroach, 15 IC
  • American Hammers, 25 IC


  • Keep Alexis and April in your prayers, much activity this week including a trip to St. Jude’s for Alexis and April with her doctor(s)
  • Visit Mulligan’s half marathon site to contribute.  Right now.  Really.
  • FloRida led us out.

Well done, gentlemen–I hope you got enough to know that you had been at a workout.

Always an honor,

Dr. Evil