2018-10-17 Poison Ivey Backblast

Eight PAX chose good Q’ing over Evil (Lucky Charms, Serta, Deliverance, Crank Bait, Tarde, Crawdaddy, Hanson, Dean QIC)

Much discussion revolved around Sears and Mattress Firm going into bankruptcy. It should be noted that now you can go to Lowe’s for Craftsman and you will now have to travel at least (1) mile to get to a Mattress store…it should be noted that it was at this point that Serta tried to get investors from among the PAX to buy into a Serta store he is launching…and by store I mean series of (3) stores all right next to each other Serta Store, Serta Store Outlet, and Serta Store Final Markdown…And turns out Lucky forgot to sell his opening day purchased shares of Sears back in their heyday…

Image result for mattress stores everywhere

We began promptly at 5:30 with a short Mosey to the end of the road for a Warm-a-rama consisting of:

20x Side Straddle Hop

10x Dean Vigodas

10x Seam Ripper

10x Imperial Walker

15x Sun Gods (It should be noted that YHC estimates that Dr. Evil completed his warm-a-rama at Northern aggression at 6:05 after doing 1,000 Sun Gods)

Image result for mini me

We then did Moseying of the lights all the way down to the main road (somewhat of a Crawdaddy inspired production…as always).  Went something like this:

5x Deep Squats at every other light.  Travel method was a rotation of Mosey, Reverse Mosey, and Skipping…

Image result for skipping gif

At the end of the road we did our first of (3) BLIMPS

5x Burpee

10x Lunge Each Leg

15x Imperial Walker (Single Count)

20x Merkin

25x Plank Jack (Single Count)

30x Deep Squat

Image result for blimp gif

Then we moseyed the lights back down but switched out Squats for WW1s

We then did another round of BLIMPS

Image result for blimp gif

And then a mosey to the benches behind the concessions for 2.33 (yes 2.33) rounds of 20x Dips, 10x step ups each leg, and 10x Derkins…

At this point we moseyed back to the parking area for one last Blimp and Mary’s.  Deliverance had the great idea to run a bit further, so we did…and then the last of the BLIMPS

Image result for hindenburg gif

Then Mary’s of LBC, Homer/Marge, and American hammers

Announcements/Prayer Requests: Pray for Todo and his Family…Clothes to Crankbait for donations for winter.

Random musings:

  1.  No complaints about others complaining were heard today…Image result for happy gilmore gif
  2. T-Claps to Hanson for continuing to come out.  Proving this Hanson is NOT a one hit wonder…Image result for hanson gif
  3. Mental note to skip the next Q at Ivey Redmond where Tarde is Q’ing and the cones are still lining the road…

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