Elevensies in the Park

The PAX:

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Eleven of the strongest in K-ville posted for an invigorating 60 minutes of fitness, fellowship and counting for the first Saturday Q by YHC since ’15.  We began with a short disclaimer that consisted of a summary of phantom broken bones #gettingoldaintforsissies before moseying to the b-ball court.  This Q was inspired by a loose interpretation of a hobbit’s meal pattern which I only know about because of what I have been told my own habits mimic.  I cannot confirm or deny that Peregine Took eats elevensies – but it is one of my favorite mealtimes


Imperial Walkers x 20 IC; Copperhead Squats x 15 IC; Dean Vigotas x 12; High Knees x 15 IC.

Mosey to the front flag-facing hill for Elevens

Start at the bottom of the hill with side-plank push-ups (each side) run to top next to the road for monkey humpers + a single burpee halfway up and down.  Some of the PAX thought it better to take the Q into their own hands from the start on this one and reverse the order… the most memorable track from this part was “Walk this Way” because I heard a lot of singing between counts.

Mosey to outdoor amphitheater for more Elevens

Abyss Merkins (florida style) – low and deep between the benches – deep lunges on the stage.  Run through the Jungle was the highlight here particularly for the commie of the group (lucky charms’ accent has faded a bit over the last 180’ish years)

Stairway to Heaven was a #crowdpleaser!  we switched directions on the stairs after about 5 min, but kay stayed in the middle of the crowd running a line all his own

we moseyed to the car-rider benches for what would not be had by many of the PAX.  single-leg hip thrusts x 10 (aka quad spasms) + bridge thrusts with feet up on the benches were attempted by most.  there was a sublime effort here by the most nimble member of our group.  the raider football crowd got more than they bargained for with shorts higher than bambi on a windy summer ‘morn, so we high-tailed our way to the guardrail to finish the repeato of this one.  hound dog played as we tucked tail to get away

mosey to the b-ball courts for 6MOM

freddy mercury x 20 IC; low dolly x 20 IC; rosalita x 20 IC; cindy crawford x 12 IC (each side); american hammer x 24 IC

it is an honor every time I get to be a part of this group gents.  Thanks gilmore for leading us out with knees down and 22 for the heroes so often neglected in our society.


Thank you to the PAX who were able to help with the move today, Respect to gilmore and kay for the effort to provide bikes for less-fortunate kids, Jeff needs a trailer because of a fallen tree – let’s get together with a plan for this!  Support mulligan’s HALF marathon


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