Backblast – RW&B 10/15/18 – Tracing

They showed up for something “different”.  A new twist on an old favorite.  Here’s what they got…

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  • SSH x10IC
  • TTT x10IC
  • Don Quixotes x10IC (DQs, not Abes.  Totally different.)
  • Nancy Kerrigans x10IC fwd x10IC rev

The Thang: Tracing.

Starting at the dumpsters behind the school.  Split into two groups.  One group  would travel clockwise, the other counter clockwise.

Do a lap around the school, closely following the outline.  A doorway with 2 doors = 2 exercises. A doorway with 4 doors = 4 exercises.  When finished, sugar rays go back for the six.

  • First lap: 1 burpee at each door.  
  • Ten count by Hanson.  Hanson then selected our exercise for the next lap, which was…
  • Second lap: 1 mountain climber at each door.

Fortran’s speechless anger at burpees during the first lap:

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Nearing 6AM, and the Pax clearly needing more cardio, we moseyed to the Track for a slow mosey for one lap….but Hanson was put out front as the pace-setter.  No one to pass Hanson.  Try to keep up with the young lad.  Dean was there to capture some live footage of Hanson leaving us all in the dust (mud)…

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Another 10 count, this time by Thumper.

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Mosey to the bus lot for skipping across the lot.  Here’s Shear-con, Gilmore, and Man Hands showing exceptional coordination as they skipped (glided) across the bus lot…

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Mosey to the WAR circle.  Find the speed bump, then backpeddle to the next speed bump.

We were gonna do trust falls, but ran out of time…

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That got us to the BB courts at 6:05AM where we joined up with the “feats of strength” pax, for 6MOM led by Mulligan.  Mulligan took attendance and ran COT.

Always an honor, and always right on time, Tardy.