Thunder in the Park BackBlast – October 12

28 PAX (including two FNGs) gathered this morning for a workout in the calm after the storm.

PAX: Epstein, Chipper, Dr. Evil, Sludge, Thin Mint, Mulligan, Water Wings, Serta, Crawdaddy, Bambi, Flounder, Tenderfoot, Pacer, Tool Time, Gilmore, Red Hot, Spicoli, Checkbook, Duvet, Dean, Sprinkler, Boone’s Farm, Tardy, Far Side, Kay

Welcome to Simon Oves – dubbed “Hanson” due to his musical abilities, And Alex Greeson – dubbed “Butt Joint” due to his proficiency in engineering.  (Since I was not allowed to make the final decision on this one, I delegated to Epstein. He forever gets the blame.)  In case you are not familiar with welding, these are butt joints:

+ Shear Conn (Q)

Warm-a-rama: We moseyed to the cul de sac for 15 SSHs, 15 Cotton Pickers and 5 Burpees to warm up for what was coming. Then short mosey to the court for 15 Hillbillies.

The cool weather had everyone excited and chattering like a flock of guineas, so the Q decided it was best to get things moving quickly before things got out of flocking control.

The Thang: For everyone’s listening enjoyment, the Q cranked up Thunderstruck by AC/DC. (Will bring a bigger speaker next time.) One merkin for every 33 “Thunders” in the song – while holding plank in between. Short break in the middle of the 5 minute song to do some LBCs.

Next moseyed to the school for a trip across the field. Lunges 1/3 distance, 10 LBCs, Bear Crawl 1/3 distance, 10 LBCs, Lunge remainder and hold plank for the six. (Note that the LBCs were added as an afterthought to cool down the mumblechatter. However, the chatter just turned to complaints about wet diapers, etc. But at least there wasn’t as much water as on #6 at Old Homeplace yesterday:

Next moseyed to the carpool line for 20 dips, sprint to other side of lot for 15 WWIIs – Rinse and repeat.

PAX then moseyed to the track for a circuit of 10 Burpees, 10 Mt Climbers in cadence, 10 Lt Dans and 10 pullups. Hold plank in the center of the field until the six was in. Rinse and repeat.

Mozy to the B-Ball court for Mary: 20 Low slow flutters & 31 merkins. Note that the Q planned only 15 merkins, but someone asked for 16 more. (At least I think that I think that was what I heard.) Anyway the chatter stopped again after a while.


  • Send Gilmore a direct message on Slack if you have bikes or helmets to donate. (Let him know how many)
  • If you can help the Bob & Ann move tomorrow am, give a “thumbs up” to Dr. Evil’s message on Slack so he knows how many to expect..
  • Charity run for St Judes. See Mulligan’s message on Slack.
  • Prayer Concern: Those without power long term.
  • Prayer Concern: Dr Evil’s sister Barbara who has been diagnosed with cancer. Keep her in your prayers as reviews the pathology report today with the Dr.

Dr. Evil led us out.

Thanks to the veterans (Sludge, Evil, etc.) for the pointers/reminders on my second Q.

It’s an honor to be a part of this outstanding group.

Shear Conn.


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