Back-blast, Northern Aggression – Parkour

OK.  Parkour turned into more of a Park Tour (and the surrounding area).  So, sue me….but wait, you can’t!!

15 Pax (pretty much the standard participation for the northern aggression AO) gathered in the gloom to strengthen their bodies, minds and souls.  YHC focused on the body.  Sludge, Boones Farm, Dr. Evil, Mulligan, Chipper, Spicoli, Tarde, Epstein, Water Wings, Sprinkler, Radar, Tool Time, Kay, Flounder, and QIC Checkbook.

The mumble chatter started early when during WOR, Tarde began to question if his legs were different lengths.  Seems his Dean Vagodas to the left didn’t equal his Dean Vigodas to the right. No one bothered to point out we were on an incline.  Think about it.

Dean Vagodas
Cotton Pickers
Sun gods forward/backward/big/little
And as Dr. Evil pointed out, YHC’s signature move, the Imperial Squat.

The Thang:
* Mosey to Cherry St for monkey humpers and goofballs.  Disappointment abounded with the lack of traffic to witness the mayhem.
* Mosey to the retaining wall at MSUMC parking lot.  Step-ups and dips.  Rinse and Repeat.  Note: size matters when it comes to walls.
* Mosey to the graveyard fence where the slope is steeeep.  Grasping the base of the fence and legs pointed down hill, raise legs to 90 degrees (leg raisers, I guess) (20).  Then turn to face head down hill for merkins (20).  The Q under-estimated the degree of difficulty on the leg raisers and failed to comply with the “if you can’t do it, don’t Q it” rule. Shame fell upon the Q as did mumble chatter, but he pressed on.  Oh yea.  Rinse and Repeat.
*Mosey to the MSUMC pumpkin patch and pick your weapon.  Triceps curls with pumpkin as weight (15).  And then with pumpkin held to chest, complete a WWI sit-up with a Russian Twist (15).  Rinse and Repeat.
*Mosey to the Botanical Gardens back patio (so picturesque in the cloud-covered gloom) for crunch frogs (15) and Freddie mercurys (20).  Rinse and Repeat.
*Carefully navigate the stairs down to the Garden’s open field.  Run to the gazebo for burpes (5), run back to the top of the hill for LBCs (20).  Rinse and Repeat.  The Q was proud of the Pax for not even mentioning that the irrigation sprinklers were on, eliciting a previously-never-seen, spray-avoidance degree of hustle.
*Mosey back down to Cherry Street with a  pause for more monkey humpers to show off for the Sherriff’s Deputy and then lunges at the request of Tarde.  Tarde kept moving backward as that short leg couldn’t keep up with the long leg.  Never seen anything like it….
*Mosey back to the parking lot for…

Cindy Crawfords – each side
Dean Vagodas – Tardy seemed to have figured it out by now.
…and American Hammers.

Announcements:  Bikes or $ commitments to Gilmore by Friday.  If you can ride your committed bike to Friday’s workout so Gilmore can eye-ball it, that would be great.  Saturday move post workout and breakfast.  Click on Dr. Evil’s 3rd F Slack post strong arm icon if you can participate.  I hear the movees are well organized.  Isn’t that what they all say?  Now that we are supporting 37 workouts a week and 15 AOs, the Q sheet needs your attention.  Next man up….

…no lie…on my way home, saw a Kernersville Police Officer surveying the pumpkin patch.  Man Hands, can we get a report on that?

Dr. Evil’s sister in Fla recently diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer.
Mulligan’s family, the Bezilla’s who can’t catch a break from that beast, cancer.
All those in harms way of the latest hurricane.

Always an honor, gentlemen.

-Checkbook, out!