2018-10-05 Reader’s Digest Backblast

WARNING: This backblast may cause you to fall asleep, especially if you are currently elderly:

21 brave PAX came out to see what YHC had in store.  Thankfully, ONE person read the preblast (thank you Bambi) and brought a football…

The PAX were: Boones Farm, Checkbook, Deliverance, Far Side, Dr. Evil, Spicoli, Bambi (MVP for bringing second football), Flounder, Tool Time, Fortran, Water Wings, Epstein, Pacer, Gilmore, Duvet, Red Hot, Kay, Lucky Charms, Serta, Radar, Dean (QIC)

The mumblechatter started early with Checkbook hilariously noting that while Bambi did remember to bring a football, he FORGOT to bring all of his shorts….I was able to capture the below video…

We started with a short disclaimer and mosey to the cul-de-sac for:

10x Peter Parkers

10x Parker Peters


10x Seam Ripper

15x Sun Gods Each Way

Then YHC broke everyone into two teams with SERTA being QB1 of team 2 (which won every time) and Bambi being QB1 of team 1. We moseyed to the bus parking lot for four rounds of each PAX going out for a couple passes.  Basically, a QB1 was selected by each team for each round. QB1 is stationary doing high knees while each other team mate takes turn going out for a pass (cycle through team twice).

Round #1 – PAX do Mountain climbers – Penalty for in-completion=7 burpees…hat’s off to SERTA for leading team #2 to victory…

Round #2 – PAX do Lt. Dans – Penalty for in-completion=7x Hand release merkins…Team #1 supposedly won this…but Bob Mueller has been sent in to investigate…

Round #3 – PAX do Side Straddle Hop – Penalty for in-completion=7x Plank Destroyer…crowd favorite

Round #4 – PAX do Copperhead Squat – Penalty for in-completion=7x Double Merkin Burpees

As in the first half of this at Ivey Redmond – This was your typical PAX, myself included:

It should be noted though that Tool time intentionally dropped passes in order to get more burpees and merkins in…Or at least I heard that’s what I heard on CNN…

We then moseyed to the outdoor amphitheater for 11s of WWI’s and dips…RED HOT and SPICOLI introduced a new game of WW1s with throwing the football at the top.  Looked fun…possibly a future Q opportunity there…here they were….

We then moseyed to Far Side’s tennis courts for Mary’s:


Low Variable Speed Flutter


Announcements: Bicycles for Gilmore (I reviewed the tape and counted 11 times that the word “Bicycle” was used by Glimore alone which reminded me of ALLEN IVERSON’s practice press conference…).  Moving opportunity – Dr. Evil to spearhead (yet again…)

Bambi – Kernersville Toastmasters is open to new members.  See Bambi

Deliverance – Beer and Hymns at Gypsy Road starring TOOL TIME this Sunday evening

DEAN – Would still like to get a pick-up game of flag football in.  Anyone know where we can play?

Prayer Requests:

Dr. Evil’s Sister has stage 3 cancer. Pray for healing

Far Side: Friend that passed away from cancer. Pray for family.  Pray for wisdom in business