Pain in the Park, The Devil You Know

Well, as of 10:30 on Friday night, no one had signed up on the Q sheet.  So, rather risk someone running a really hard workout, YHC decided to grab the opportunity for a recovery work out.  Right.

After some discussion and realization that both Sludge and Checkbook, after walking their extra credit (#smartmove), both had workouts that they could have run had no one signed up, we moseyed to the basketball court.


  • Slow straddle hops, 20 IC
  • Moroccan Night Clubs, 50 IC  Exicon on F3 Nation suggested that this was the correct number to get a shoulder ‘burn’.  Completely accurate.
  • Cotton Pickers 15 IC

Mosey to Mountain Street

  • Monkey jumpers for the masses, 25 IC  — only one truck passed, but 25 is enough



Going off the grid–Sprinkler, “nothing good ever happens in that neighborhood….”

  • Every stop sign, 5 Burpees
  • Every Fireplug, 15 Orangutan Squats–yes, fireplug…

  • Going up the hill
  • Pass one mailbox
  • touch the street at the next mailbox
  • Return to the previous mail box
  • Facing downhill, plankjack merkins, 5
  • Halfway up the hill, sugar rays return to the six and help the six
  • Only 3 per mailbox for each  Not Needed!

Return to the grid

Mosey to field in front of school

Field of burpees

  • 1 burpee at opposite side of the field
  • 2 in the middle, three on near side
  • Escalating to 10 burpees (not 7….wishful thinking)  
  • Chipper was crushing it, as was Boone’s Farm

To hill beside school


  • WWI’s at bottom
  • Gorilla Humpers at top, IC (10=20)

Mosey to Basketball Court


  • Xs & Os,10
  • American Hammers 20 IC


  • Everybody find a bike and a helmet for a kid.  Thanks to Gilmore for leading.  Lucky Charms suggests considering partnering with someone so that it doesn’t become a free-for-all when they are given out.

Heading out, Duvet said that he now understands the term “sucky”….

I’m checking this morning for an open spot on the Q sheet for some Saturdays that are coming up….you can really fit a lot in when you have a whole hour….

Always an honor.   I hope you got enough.

Dr. Evil

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