Backblast – Stretch Marks September 27 – Gimme Shelter

Four pax successfully navigated to a different AO, the luxurious and fully-covered Kernersville Farmers Market shelter, motivated by the threat of rain, and out of concern for Checkbook’s comfort.  Today’s small group —  Sludge, Flounder, Checkbook and FloRida (QIC) — was missing a couple of regulars, raising the possibility that YHC failed to communicate adequately the change of venue.  Cobains to any pax posting to an empty July 4 Park.

After an almost complete disclaimer, we launched into a from-the-six stretch sequence:

  1. Sit Straight Forward Fold
  2. Cobbler
  3. Sit Wide Forward Fold, Center, L, R
  4. Reverse Plank
  5. Lie on back –  Empty Press, Knee to Chest and across
  6. Shoulder Bridge
  7. Lie on back – Empty Press, Thread the Needle
  8. Gate Pose – weight on L Knee, R Leg extended to side; switch.  A crowd-pleaser.
  9. Z-sit, L&R

Flounder showed precocious flexibility – fastest and furthest to a full extended leg stretch.  Full agreement with Checkbook:  Flounder is definitely the Sugar Ray of F3 stretching.  Must be all that fish oil lubricating his joints – you catch-and-release guys take note.

Always an honor,


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