Backblast: Pain in the Park – Movin and Groovin

11 PAX ventured out on yet another warm and humid morning for a little Pain in the Park action. The unpleasant temperature didn’t seem to lessen the mumble chatter, but nothing new from this group (takes a little bit of getting used to coming from HP). The mumble chatter would continue as we took off on a slow mosey, but things would likely change as the morning progressed. Following a very short mosey, we circled up at the turnaround for some warming up.

Warm-a-Rama (IC)

  • SSH X20
  • ASS Kickers X20
  • High Knees X20
  • AST X20
  • Annie X10 each arm
  • Slow Abe X10

The PAX were then led on a nice mosey up to the track to begin the fun.

The Thang:

  • Reps and Laps (individual) -Perform listed exercises followed by 1/3 of a lap (backwards on return), repeat but then 2/3 lap, repeat then full lap
    • 10 Pull-ups, 10 Absolution, 20 Backstreet Boys, 20 Lunge, 25 Bobby Hurley, 25 Monkey Humper

It should be noted that all the counting really helped reduce the mumble chatter.

Once complete, we made the short mosey to the parking lot just below the track for the next round of fun.

  • Reps and sprints (all together) – line up at lower side of the parking lot leaving ourselves around 30-35 yards from the upper end of the lot; complete set of exercises then hold plank for PAX
    • 10 Lt. Dan (with reverse lunge) and 25 Merkins followed by run to the other end; 10 burpees (hold plank for PAX); run back to start; rinse/repeat.
    • Rinse/repeat total of 3 times with run at half speed, 3/4 speed and sprint

Mosey to basketball court for one final episode of fun.

  • Basketball court (OYO): Line up at end of court – 20 LBC followed by Frog Jump to other end of court, 20 LBC, Frog Jump back to opposite end followed by 20 LBC

6MOM (IC):

  • WWI Cockroach X10
  • Cindy Crawford X10 each side
  • Low Slow Flutter X10
  • Low Dolly X10
  • American Hammer X22

PAX: Crankbait, Duvee, Man Hands, Doubtfire, Dr. Evil, Sprinkler, Kay, Epstein, Sludge, Checkbook, Kryptonite

Q: Kryptonite

COT: Prayers for those dealing with the clean-up in the east; Prayers Mulligan’s family; Praise for nephew Jack joining the world; Prayers for Lauren and also Kay’s neighbor; Keep Dawn in your prayers

Sludge led us out

Always an honor!

Aye – Kryptonite

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