2018-09-24 R-W-Boom Backblast “OMAHA”

23 PAX + 2 Q’s=25 Total PAX + Drama….Duvet, Far Side, Pacer, Kay, Sludge, Flounder (Q Feats of Strength), Crank Bait, Blue Hen, Serta, Dr. Evil, Fortran, Mulligan, FloRida, Shear Conn (with an emphatic SOUL MATE), Gilmore, Epstein, Thumper, Dr. Red Hot, Whamo!, Water Wings (Happy Belated Birthday), Check Book, Deliverance, Man Hands, Boones Farm, Dean (Q of RWB)

That is not a typo up there…yes it’s Monday, and YES far side came..the lesson is that if you mumble at Far Side, he will come…by the way, man knows how to milk his birthday for all it’s worth.  But hey, when you’ve had 100 of them, you learn how to do it right…

It all started at 5:30 with an excellently crafted disclaimer by Flounder where he shed liability from himself, Dean, and the park (like any skilled and slippery tongued contractor would!)  This was the PAX following an epic intro to F3:

We then moseyed to the cul-de-sac for a nice warm-a-rama led by Flounder, who did an impeccable job. Purely going from memory here but I think it was:

Abe Vigoda’s (Dean Style)

Sun Gods

Mountain Climber

Seal Jacks (amazing difficult…People questioned whether Deliverance was actually human after this…)

Something else that I’m forgetting

It was at this time that PAX had to choose to follow Flounder or Dean.  Suffice it so say, all the PAX that followed Dean quickly regretted their decision, some even before starting the first exercise…this was several PAX right out of the gate…

Those that followed Flounder, I have no idea what you did…But those that followed Dean, here we go!  We started at the bus parking lot for Burpee suicides (pun unintended).  So suicides with one burpee at each line…trick is that whoever finishes first calls OMAHA and the whole group is done (but only one Omaha per person)…This brings back memories of why Evil had us use legos one time to mark which line we were on…It was more difficult to do that a FloRida workout…The below estimates the confusion felt by the PAX…And THUMPER with the win…well done, hate hate…

We then moseyed to the hill for 5 hills (backwards uphill)…hills in the dark on a wet hill is best summarized below…I believe SHEAR CONN with the OMAHA!

We then moseyed to the track for (2) laps and (20) pull-ups…many of us looked like this (Maybe Gilmore? with the OMAHA)

We then moseyed to the ramp/guardrail for a rinse/repeat of deliverance’s Friday beatdown. 10x Inverted rows and 10x Big boy situps (2 sets with a running lap between).  FloRida with the OMAHA I believe…

We then moseyed to the benches for 20x Dips, run to fence, do this 2x…can’t recall who go the OMAHA on this one…

After that a short mosey to the school entrance/flagpole for Monkey humpers.  Pax were instructed to do 30x single count on your own and then run a lap and do 30x single count more.  It was at this time that the Q was hijacked by Gilmore who insisted we start in cadence…YHC has never been more outraged.  The audacity of someone stealing a Q…I would never! The below were videos I shot during this episode of irreverence….

We then moseyed to the other benches for 20x derkin and 20x LBC…After OMAHA was called, several PAX continued doing exercises…it appears the MUTINY spread from Gilmore to others and YHC had no choice but to become a temporary angry elf and yell at Evil to stop being selfish (Lesson #1 in Q school is to regain control of PAX by spreading fake news that other PAX are being selfish…or maybe that was Stalin’s school for communists and cronies…I can’t remember)

We then moseyed around several cars for a bunny hop and 1 minute plank….the plank had to move to avoid cars

After that we rejoined with the Flounder crew for Mary’s at Far Sides Tennis courts…but there was time left so we did some suicides while they put up weights…Mary’s were:

Homer/Marge/Fluttering Homer

Cindy Crawfords


American Hammers

We then found out it was 3 peoples birthdays within a day or so…so  a lot of burpees.  Happy Belated to Water Wings!!!

Announcements:  Give bikes to Gilmore (no tools required).  Kay can fix them (literally can fix ANY bike…Evil thought we should challenge him…so here’s the ones I plan to give)

Pray for Crank Baits coworker’s Mom having brain surgery

Shear Conn – Go help people with Florence…They need it…and he saw it first hand last week…This was him last week walking the neighborhoods down east…

My brain is malfunctioning and I don’t remember who took us out…