BackBlast – Stretch Marks September 20

Five gnarled pax posted for an untangling on the last day of summer.  Mourning the loss of long days and daylight well past suppertime were Sludge, Deliverance, Tarde, Dean and FloRida (QIC).  With a small, veteran pax ready to go, YHC skipped the disclaimer and mission and launched straight into a slo-mo Sun Salutation:

  • Overhead stretch – Back & Sides
  • Helicopter stretch – L&R
  • Standing Fold Forward
  • Low Lunge – forward and reverse, L&R
  • Cow and Cat
  • Open Child
  • Lizard Lunge – forward and reverse, leading into,
  • Pigeon (reasonable attempt), L&R.  Impossible to exit this position gracefully.
  • Z-Sit, L&R

As always, slow and deep.

Tarde led us out.

Aye!  FloRida