BackBlast – Flash Bang Friday – 9/21/18

Twenty pax posted on a warm Friday morning to celebrate the first day of Autumn and prepare their bodies for the upcoming leaf blowing.  The PAX:  Dean, Epstein, Flounder, Sludge, Serta, Gilmore, Pacer, Man Hands, Dr. Evil, Crawdaddy, Water Wings, Far Side, Fortran, Chipper, Mulligan, FloRida, Spicoli, Tardie, Boone’s Farm, Deliverance (Q).

Medium-length mosey to the cul de sac for Warmarama: High knees, Hillbillies, Cotton pickers, Mountain climbers, Abe Vigodas, Sun gods.

Mosey to the parking lot behind the school for lunges across the lot with two breaks for Orangutan squats and Monkey humpers.

Finished the trip across the parking lot with one Burpee at each parking line.

Mosey to the hand rails and covered benches for the main Thang:  Do 21 reps of one of the exercises at one station, then mosey to the other station for 21 reps of one exercise.  Continue through the three exercises at each station, then repeat.

At the hand rails:  Inverted Rows, Derkins, Big Boy Situps.

At the covered benches:  Step Ups, Peter Parkers (feet on bench), Dips

Omaha was called and we moseyed to the basketball court for Mary:  Dying Cockroaches, LBC’s, Cindy Crawfords, Low flutters, Hammers.

Prayers:  FloRida’s M who will be keeping Mulligan’s son today, Mulligan’s wife will be having a medical procedure this morning, Kay’s wife (Lauren) is having a procedure on her hands today, Mulligan’s family members April and Alexis (Thanks to Far Side for making a card for them).

Dean needs someone to take his Q on Monday.

Gilmore led us out.

We did 22 merkins for veterans and 5 burpees for Far Side’s birthday.

Always an honor, Deliverance