Backblast – Poison Ivy – 5-10-15 a “Recovery Day” Weds 9-19-18


 Poison Ivy – 5-10-15

a “Recovery Day”

Weds 9-19-18

Pax: Gilmore, Mulligan, Lucky Charms, Bambi, Serta, Crankbait, Chipper, Crawdaddy, Thumper, Kryptonite, Dean, Red Hot, Duvet

QIC: Crawdaddy

13 joyus Pax braved clear skies to partake in a well deserved day of Recovery.  Mumblechatter was as light an airy as an Epstein half shirt in a heavy wind..  Seeing no FNG’s a mosey was commenced to the upper lot.


15 of each – Side Straddle Hops, Imperial Walkers, Copperhead Squats, Cotton Pickers,  Sun Gods – followed by full 30 second hurdler stretch on each leg..  Setting off Kryptonite who said actual stretching during this phase was highly unorthodox..

The Thang.

Based on a principle of simplicity (ironically that Fortran could understand and Sprinkler could count – neither were there) the theme for the morning was 5-10-15.  5 Squats, 10 Merkins, 15 Split Jacks.

Phase 1.  Form 2 groups – Both groups did Indian Run to Shields Rd. When the 1st Indian finally rotated back to the front of the line, the group would stop and knock out 5-10-15.  Repeat back to the entrance.  Each group did @8 total.

Phase 2.  Main lot 5-10-15 then run suicides using the islands.  Forwards out and run backwards back, finish with 5-10-15.  Tclaps for Bambi and Thumper leading the way, Serta not falling in a hole, Redhot for gutting it out and Kryptonite for putting up with the deafening  mumblechatter (which was one person whispering – tells you how lonely High Point is).

Also brought great concern to Dean who thought running backwards would rewind miles off his step counter (remember – he designs the bridges you drive over).

Phase 3.  Group A started by running stairs, then lap of the parking lot, then 5-10-15.  Group B started with step ups 10 Each leg, lap around the lot then 5-10-15.

Mosey to the lower lot.


Crunchy Starfish, Homer and Marge, American Hammers


Prayers: Abbe Family, Alexis, April & Brad (Mulligan’s Family), Those in Eastern NC (including our own Sheercon).

Crankbait led us out

Always a pleasure Gents