Pain in the Park Saturday Backblast – Singing in the Rain or Eye of the Storm – Whichever you prefer…

18 hardy Pax weathered the storm and posted for an unsheltered battle with the elements…that honestly didn’t live up to the hype.

Duvet, ShearCon, Chipper, Gilmore, Epstein, Tenderfoot, Crawdaddy, Tarde, Dr. Evil, Sludge, Kay, Thin Mint, Doubtfire, Sprinkler, Bambi, Pacer, Fortran, and QIC, Checkbook.

Depicted below is Fortran’s attempt to apply a bandanna to thwart rain water run-off.  Good idea.  Poor execution.

WOR – performed under the shelter just to lull the Pax into a state of confusion and false sense of weather insecurity… SSHs (2) IC, Imperial Squats (24) IC, Abe Vigodas (10) IC, Cotton Pickers (15) IC, Sun gods (15) IC and Reverse, Mountain Climbers. The mumble chatter was flying around like wind blown rain and was so rapid fire, the Q caught none of it…probably a result of 30 years of honing his selective listening skills.

The Thang
Mosey to the KES front door for (24) Curb Bangers, (24) Freddie Mercurys, (15) Lt. Dans.

Mosey to the drop-off line benches for (30) dips, (30) Hillbillies, (30) Thigh Masters 15 each leg.  Apparently Hillbillies can confuse the mind…at least some minds.  NC State alumni, ShearCon was assigned cadence counting responsibility.  When he wobbled like a slow-moving hurricane, fellow alumni Gilmore stepped up to help.  Together they were able to count to almost 30.

Mosey to the KES front lawn.  Find the tall grass.  Call for (20) Hand Release Merkins!  Time to fully embrace the spirit of the elements.  (30) LBfCs, (15) Prisoner Get Ups.

Mosey to drop-off parking lot for (20) Head-Touch Carolina Dry Docks, (20) WWI Sit-Ups, (20) Copper Head Squats.  It was somewhere around here that Kay was caught by a wind gust and carried half way across the parking lot.  After tethering Kay to Sludge, the beatdown continued.

Mosey to the back bus parking lot for (30) Dips on the guard rail, Lung to the top of the parking lot, (30) Low/Slow Flutters, Lung back to the guard rail, (15) Monkey Humpers, Lung to the top of the parking lot.

At this point, we are 25 minutes into a 60 minute beatdown and the Q realizes he has short-weinkied himself.  No problem.  Just reverse-rinse-and-repeat the beatdown.

Q leads the Pax in reverse order back through all the above.

Somewhere on the back side of the beatdown, Tarde demonstrated his boy scout developed, nature survival skill in identifying soggy, green goose poop.  Important to note that he did have to handle it to draw a confident conclusion.  Tarde was strangely avoided when it came time to “grab a man appropriately”.

Mosey to the basketball court for 6 MOM  
Cindy Crawfords (15) IC each side, Supermans during which the Q had to take disciplinary action and assign Tarde (5) Burpees…which he surprisingly completed…, Box Cutters (15) IC, AHs (20) IC

Announcements/Prayer Concerns:
Doubtfire’s neighbor contemplating suicide and hurricane first responders.
Thanks to wind-blown Kay for updating the kville F3 website header picture.  Gilmore is once again shirtless.  What’s up with that??

YHC apologizes to the Pax for apparently leaving the 6 behind more than once.  A self-imposed performance improvement plan has been implemented and the expectation is that this won’t happen again.

YHC took us out.

Always an honor to lead this fine group of men.

-Checkbook out!


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