Preblast – Pain in the Park Saturday – Singing in the Rain

Advanced WARNING.  This will NOT be a sheltered workout.

You’re going to be cooped up inside all weekend, so why not start it off with a good dose of the outdoors?  Rain or shine, we will be out in the weather the whole time.

Who: All Pax invited.  Only the hardy will post.
What: A testosterone-testing general boot camp style beat down with no regard for inclement weather.
When: 9/15/18.  Gather at 6:25 AM.  Launch at 6:30 AM.
Where: Fourth of July Park.  Parking lot next to the skateboard park.
Why:  Remember when you were a kid and your mother wouldn’t let you play in the rain?  Time to show your mother who’s in charge now…
How: Same as always, but DON’T wear your Sunday best.  If the forecast holds true, your shoes will get wet…as will the rest of you.  Swim fins optional.
Weather:  Bring a towel to cover your seats for the ride home…

Some things to look forward to: rain-soaked hand-release merkins, Supermans, head-touch carolina dry docks, WWI sit-ups, LBfC’s, sweat angels and more…

It’s not like it it’s going to be a cold rain…  SYITG.  Aye!

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