6 for the SIX Backblast!!

29 Brave Souls risk life and limb this morning to work out in the gentle winds and great temperatures.  Flounder, Blue Hen, Sprinkler, Crankbait, Fortran, Bambi, Sludge, Tardy, Thin Mint, Kay, Crawldaddy, Thumper, Deliverance, Tenderfoot, Dr Evil, Waterwings, Whammo, Gilmore, Dean, ShearCon, Boones Farm, Epstein, Duvet, Radar, Farside, Checkbook, Pacer, Manhands and myself as Q, Fannypack.

We mosey’d a country mile up to the benches / car line area with the first arrivals to start with some random exercise I hollered out and cannot remember now as I was the SIX and eventually arrived to holler out the last few reps.  Some side straddle hops, Abe Vigodas even slower than normal with incredible timing and counting.  Cotton picking that bordered on yoga speed slow setting up our theme for the day.

Breaking off into groups of six, we would run around the edge of the parking lot with 2 workout stations.  Each station has a total of six exercises, the faster members of the team were to arrive early and start on the exercise at SLOTH SPEED!  Then when the SIX finally arrives for that group the reps actually started counting with 6 in total, approx. 10 seconds per REP!

If you finished in under a minute you were going too fast!  Dean commented that if FloRida had posted this would have been normal speed?  Haters gonna hate…

Station 1:  Carolina Dry Docks, Merkins, Incline Rows, Dips, LBCs and WWI situps

Station 2:  Monkey Humpers, Alabama Asskickers, Lt Dan, Copperhead Squats, Crabby Cakes, Pickle Pounders

To wrap up, had everyone run to BB court, with early arrivals to get started on Homer and Marge and then we ended with some of the ugliest SLOTH American Hammers known to man.

Prayers going out for Mulligans family, the folks needed help with the storm and ManHands reported that prayers answered as his wife was hired for the job she was seeking!!

Peace out!


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