2018-09-12 Hurricane Florence and Football at Ivey

The Pax:  Thin Mint, Shear Conn (Soul Mate), Bambi (Bringer of 2nd football), Spicoli, Tenderfoot, Red Hot, Boones Farm, Duvet, Lucky Charms, Chipper, Thumper, Dean (Q)…did i miss one?  Thought we had 13..

12 Brave PAX came out to take on the football/hurricane/improv Q….we started with a quick disclaimer that has been said countless times…and mosey to the main parking lot

We then did warmarama:

20x Side Straddle Hops

12x Super Slow hold the 3 count Abe Vigodas

12x Seam Ripper (or Cotton Picker to the hicks)

15x Sun Gods (Partially “BIG CIRCLES”)

Then we moseyed to the shelter for a “HURRICANE”…which is a lap around the parking lot, one leg 50% ( CAT 1 gaining strength), then 75% (up to CAT 3 now), then 75% (experiencing some wind shear), then 100% CAT 5!!!!

Then we started at the bottom of the parking lot with the footballs…well done to Bambi for bringing a 2nd football!

We split into two teams quickly as none of the PAX in this assembly struggled with numbers…it was nearly perfect!

Team #1:  Red Hot, Spicoli, Duvet, Boones Farm, Tenderfoot, Dean and Lucky Charms

Team #2: Thin Mint, Thumper, Bambi, Chipper, Shear Conn

Round #1 (first game of year…gotta work out the kinks): QB#1 stays at line while team runs to next line. Throw a pass.  If your team catches, advance. Otherwise 5 burpee penalty!

Then Hurricane!

Round #2 (Mid-season form): Same as Round #1 but penalty is 5 burpees, 5 Lt. Dans

Then Hurricane!

Round #3 (Last game of season with playoff implications): Same as Round #1, but penalty is 5 burpees, 5 Lt. dans, 5 LBC (IC)

Then Hurricane!

Round #4 (Super bowl): Same as round #3, but penalty is 7x each exercise!

Random Musings: Spicoli was a beast at catching…Tenderfoot stalked the shadows…Duvet with the clutch catches…Boones farm with the full body embrace catches…Red Hot liked to time his QB#1 to minimize running….Shear Conn envied Team #1 and wanted to Join…Bambi has hops…Chipper, silent but deadly…Thumper and Thin Mint both lost to Shear Conn in a footrace…better luck next time!  Lucky Charms is like Tom Brady, old as dirt, but still packing the power…and YHC Dean has hands like a deer.

And here was Lucky out there!

And Here was Shear Conn after beating Thin Mint and Thumper!

Then Marys: 20x LBC, 20x Hammers…

Announcements: Pray for Florence to get gone…Lucky’s Charms daughter is getting married on Saturday (outdoor wedding…) during the hurricane…We suggested she come down the isle to Katy Perry’s song Hurricane

Shear Conn took us out.

Always an honor….