Return to the Gridiron

The PAX:

sprinkler, flounder, fanny pack, far side, man hands, boons farm (fng) serta, water wings, red hot, tardy, tenderfoot, deliverance, dean, lucky charms, shear conn, drawdaddy, checkbook, dr. evil, gilmore, thin mint, mulligan, fortran, pacer, crankbait, bambi, blue hen, epstein

Twenty-seven of the strongest of Kernersville PAX posted to the gloom including one fng (boons farm, formerly known as Mark Rands) to mark the return of football and better ourselves.  Toward the end of YHC’s clear deposition of our mission and credo, a fresh skidmark in one PAX’s brownish shorts sent us in the direction of the backside of the elementary school for a warm-o-rama consisting of the following:

seal jacks x 25 I.C. + cotton pickers x 15 I.C. + sun gods x 15 I.C. (repeato other side) + thigh master I.C. x 12 (repeato other side)

Mosey to Raider football field and pair up with 5 to 6 PAX in each group for plank hurdles (there was a little more confusion here than YHC expected)

group starts in end zone while first PAX sprints to the 10.  next in group sprints to hurdle the man on the 10, continues to the 20 and planks, third sprints, hurdles both and planks on the 30… until all groups end up planking in the opposite end zone.  (it was on the 20 where dr. evil encountered a size 12 to the ribs, but he took it like a champ and carried on).  Please note all PAX should be clear as to the group members before exercising care to proceed… I mean I’m sorry doc

rinse and repeat back to opposite end zone with your group

Double Quarter Pounder

Sprint to the 25 yards and Do 25 merkins, Run backwards to Goal And Sprint to the 50 and do 50 squats, Backwards to Goal Line sprint to the 75 and do 75 Mountain Climbers, Run backwards to the goal line and sprint to the hundred and do 100 SSH. mix and match exercises for the reps. Rinse and repeat for a Double Quarter Pounder.

Great showing by all PAX on this one!  With a little time to blow we visited the track for two laps in a doubleapplesauce (A two-column Indian run)

Mosey to the basketball courts for 6MOM

freddy mercury x 25 I.C. + side-plank push ups I.C. x 12 (repeato other side) + sweat angels I.C. x 15 + American hammers I.C. x 25


Pain in the Park workout tomorrow will be 7:00 followed by assisting certa in his move


chipper and his family, mulligan’s family, man hand’s wife has a job interview next Monday

knocked out 22 for the veterans – RESPECT!

it’s always an honor and privilege gentlemen!




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