Stretch Marks – Sept 6 Backblast

The Pax:  Sludge, Deliverance, Mulligan, Checkbook, Flounder, YoYo, Wall-E, FloRida (QIC)

Eight wilt-resistant pax posted to the Gloom-idity to loosen up amidst the still falling dew.  After an uninspired  false-start disclaimer reminding the Pax to modify as necessary, we launched into the Minimum Daily Requirement of stretching.

  1. Standing Fold Forward – Square stance, Wide stance, Cross Leg L&R
  2. Table Top – Cat & Cow pose;  Turn the Corner; Wide Child’s Pose
  3. Kneeling Lunge, Forward & Reverse, L&R
  4. Table Top – Child’s Pose
  5. Thread the Needle – Starting from Table Top, reach right arm across body behind left arm.  Stretch right arm and lower right shoulder to ground, twisting the torso.  Return to Table Top and repeat other side.
  6. Reverse Table Top – press hips up to achieve a flat top.
  7. Reverse Cobbler – Lie Back, Open Knees, pull feet to chest.
  8. Eye of Needle – Start in Body Destroyer with bent knees, cross R Leg over L Knee, use both hands to pull L Knee to chest.  Repeat other side.
  9. Spinal Tap – Start in Body Destroyer with bent knees, cross R Knee tight over L Knee, roll both knees to the left side across the body toward the ground.  Maintain shoulders on ground and twist torso.  Repeat other side.
  10. End in straight right angle sit.

Tclaps to the Pax for patience!  Slow and steady in and out of the postures, with deep breathing to extend the stretches.


  • Remember Duvet‘s move on Saturday.  Consult Slack for revised Saturday schedule.
  • Per Yo-Yo‘s request, YHC will post some online resources for stretching.
  • Wall-E returns to university today.  Safe travels and success in the school year.
  • Prayers for Chipper and family on the loss of his father, Doug Aitken.  Clown car to tonight’s visitation departs Main Street Methodist parking lot at 6:30 pm.

Always an honor to serve these inspiring High Impact Men.



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