Lucky’s Labor Day Parade Backblast

29 pax posted for a 60 minute holiday workout to reach 60 with Lucky Charms. Pax included Crankbait, Swabby, Radar, Tenderfoot, Fortran, Special Ed, Pacer, Yoyo, Duvet, Farside, Crawdaddy,  Deliverance, Wally, Dean, Water Wings, Mulligan, FloRida, Kay, Gilmore, Sludge, Whamo, Cube, Thumper, Thin Mint, Sprinkler, Serta, Tenderfoot, Blue Hen, Dr. Evil

A voyage to 60 began with a short stroll to the standard warmup circle for Warmorama:

SSH (20), shinnock  (10 each way), Abe Vigodas slow style (10), sun gods (10 each way)

Short mosey around school to intersection below  benches to gather pax, popped out 10 monkey jumpers IC, proceeded to benches to kick out 30 dips each, and completed stroll to the track to workout our mission to reach 60.

THE THANG:  split into three groups, and each assigned to begin at a Pain Station, each station consisted of two stages, the first stage must be completed prior to the second stage each time around. The second stage began with a rep of 20, and would increase by 5 on each subsequent station.

Station One: Arms/Shoulder, (stage 1) 15 Merkins, ( stage 2 x # of reps prescribed) Carolina Dry Docks; Plank Jacks IC; Makhtar N’Diayes IC; Shoulder Taps IC

Station Two: Legs, (stage 1) 10 Monkey Humpers IC, (stage 2 x rep#) Orangutan Squats; Lt. Dan, Prisoner get-ups; Prisoner Squats

Station Three: AB’s, (stage 1) 20 WW1 Sit-up, (stage 2 x rep #) LBC IC; Freddy Mercury; Reverse Crunch; Dying Cockroach

Once each station completed,  group would mosey past next station to the second station, after completing 50 reps, the mosey required a full lap to be added.


Hammertime x30

Prayers concerns included Chipper’s father passing, our prayers and thoughts are with his family.  Serta’s boss praise for his last treatment for cancer, Duvet request for help next Saturday to move.

Dual workout on Wednesday, Harman Park and Ivey Redman both launch at 5:30, remember to sign up for Q,

Crankbait led us out.

I am certainly honored to know and workout with such a great group of people, and feel like I’m the luckiest charm in the world

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