Back Blast – Pain in the Park – 9/1/18

13 Pax showed up for a crazy 8’s beat down with a Spiderman theme.   Pax were: Tenderfoot, Fortran, Lucky Charms, Chipper, FloRida, Radar, Checkbook, Duvet, Dr. Evil, Thin Mint, Special Ed, Sprinker, Doubtfire (YHC)

Before the workout began, YHC made the mistake of talking about being in Hillsboro this past week (without a state attached) and the closest F3 workout being Seattle.  Dr. Evil was really surprised that the closest F3 workout to Hillsboro was Seattle, until I clarified that I was in Oregon, not NC.  I’ll have to be more specific next time.

A short disclaimer was mentioned and with that we moseyed to the parking lot circle to star the:


Abe Vigodas (8x)

Chinooks, sobriety style (14x, because YHC made the mistake of changing his tone of voice on 14 instead of 16 and the Pax appropriately halted)

Imperial Walkers (16x)

Sun gods, sobriety style (12x each way, total 24)

We then moseyed to the back parking lot for:

The Thang, part 1

Starting at the longer bus parking lines, long jump to next line, then do a SpiderMan pushup (could also be called Peter Parker with a Merkin)

We moseyed up the hill to the parking lot near the football field for

The Thang, part 2 – Doc Ock’s Octagon of Pain

Eight stations set up.  Pax could start at their station of choice and then move either direction around all 8 stations, starting with 8 reps of each, bear crawling between each station.

  1. Derkins
  2. Jump Squats
  3. Burpees
  4. American Hammers (IC)
  5. Outlaws
  6. Lt. Dan’s
  7. Lion Kings (with coupons)
  8. Jumping Spiders

When finished all 8 stations, move to the middle and do 8 reps of Plank Dips.

Rinse and Repeat twice, adding 8 to the reps at each station each time.

YHC made the mistake of choosing a “Rock your Workout” playlist from Amazon Music.  After a few songs in, Sprinkler asked YHC if I was angry based on my choice of playlist.  Much mumble chatter was voiced, a significant portion of which was from Dr. Evil.  He was clearly the one getting angry from the music.  I do think it had the benefit of providing the motivation for making it through the reps.

OMAHA was called about halfway through the third round (24 reps for those of you paying attention to the 8’s), with many PAX groaning that they wanted to continue instead.

We moseyed back down to the bus lot and did Railroad Tracks.  Pax lined up single file, first pax got into low plank position, next pax jumped over first pax and then went a few yards and got into a low plank.  The rest of pax continued the pattern until we first pax made got up and jumped over all pax.

Another mosey back to the basketball courts, during which Checkbook and Radar ran it out to be the first back.  Radar won by a smidgeon, but that was mostly because he took a shortcut.



  1. Monkey Humpers (8x)
  2. American Hammers (16x)
  3. Freddie Mercury’s (24x)


Prayer Concerns/Joys:

  1. Checkbook’s eldest getting married tomorrow
  2. Sprinkler’s co-worker’s son Ridge (spina bifida, multiple surgeries)
  3. Chipper’s aunt passed away last week, his dad Doug is in the ICU struggling for about a year with lymphoma
  4. Sprinkler’s workers from El Salvador – unknown status after TPS ends
  5. Dr. Evil was still struggling with being angry after the playlist…so please keep him in your prayers so he doesn’t end up in the prison he ministered to a few weeks ago!

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Sign up for Duvet’s move next Saturday morning (9/8/18).  Sign up sheet on the Q sheet.

Always a pleasure to both participate and lead.  Thanks for the opportunity.