Backblast: Flash Bang Friday: Roxanne (Part Deux)

The Pax:  Pacer, Dr. Evil, Blue Hen, Epstein, Man Hands, Deliverance, Gilmore, Mulligan, Tarde, Kay, Checkbook, Red Hot, Lucky Charms, Shearcon, Thumper, Special Ed, Tenderfoot, Water Wings, Serta, Tool Time, Fargo, Crankbait, Bambi, Cube, Fortran, Sludge, Spicoli, Crawdaddy, Flounder, Far Side (QIC).

A plethora of PAX came out in the soup (or as Epstein calls it, “a no shirt day’) to find  out what the definition of “Deux” is.

After a brief intro and “shout out” to Lucky Charms (long overdue)  it went something like this:

Warmo: SSH (20), Hillbillys (20), Mountain Climbers (10), Copperhead Squats (15), Monkey Humpers (10). Sting arrives (Round 1) – Roxanne, with an explanation given for those who don’t come on Fridays.

don't make me wait fist bump GIF by Sting & Shaggy

The Thang: Mosey to Bus lots and pair up. Note: Lucky gets over the intro “slight” and asks Far Side to partner up – so he can “carry him” through the workout!

Combo drills of High Knees/Squats, Lunges/6″, Infield  Sliders and Run Backwards/Squats.

Mosey to benches for (20 ) step-ups with each foot for a total of (40) with moaning by Gilmore who did not listen to directions. Urkins (20) and Bear Crawls on hill. Mumble mumble “…at least Roxanne is over with!”

Mosey back to bus area (where Boxanne has unknowingly disconnected  since Q took his phone to benches). Uproar on poor quality boom box speakers ensues…LATER.

fail mean girls GIF

Q breaks  out whistle…like Dabo…

college football dancing GIF by Clemson Tigers

and places Boxanne down for a line marker. Mediocre  sprint samples from Evil and Gilmore (who don’t see Q’s placing of Boxanne)…Cube saves the day!

Mosey to the “Far Side Memorial Tennis Courts” to end this nonsense. Low Flutters, Marge Homers, American Hammers,  Wall Sits (this whistle is AWESOME!). BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE!  Part Deux of Roxannne – huge mumble chatter, inappropriate swearing and some PAX wishing it was Wednesday.  Whoever said, “Only 10 more!” during Roxanne – Round 2 (Fortran?) made me laugh.

Announcements and prayer requests:

Alpo sighting – lost 30 pounds, doing well. Furniture move – #20? – Sat. after workout. See Dr. Evil (local “Two PAX and a Truck” owner/operator).

Jackie – pray for her recovery Heart  Surgery

Eileen Jordan – Passed away this week. Q’s wife’s Great Aunt. Faith filled woman who will be missed but her ticket to heaven is punched.

Neighbor battling infection.

Gilmore took us out (on a knee) with a prayer.

My honor gentlemen,

Far Side

P.S. – Tigers open against regional powerhouse Furman tomorrow. Unless you are Dabo, PLEASE…no texting me between 12:20 and 3:20! 🙂

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